Saturday, March 24, 2007

Happy Bday Zuki~!

This was last week.The day after I got into Tokyo, I was invited to a bday party!It was alot of fun to see everyone having so much fun!It was a big Kareoke room.So I sang one is hard to sing an english song in that kind of envioroment.....All the halfsies will understand me!When your in a Kareoke room you need to sing japanese songs to keep their tensions high and fun and sill....not serious stuff....ha It was funny though...hahaha

Night out on the town~!

The Longe Bar in the Standard.Thats where we hung out this night.My good friends from a fabulous line called Number N were here in LA once again.So we decided to have fun and party!This was the night before I left for Tokyo!SOOO much fun!

ummm Kanye??

I was in Vegas for work and I went to Neiman Marcus to buy myself a very nice birthday gift and there he was with his wife!So cute!So my friend and I went up to get a shot together!Thought it was funny to post!hehe


Please go again to
The new catalog is online.And it gets better and better all the time!Our team just gets stronger and funnier!
I also posted some behind the scene kinda shots.Polaroids that were taken.And one that makes me look like everyone is pampering me.When really we were running out of time.So everyone was doing something all at once!Crazy night!But tons of fun as usual!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

On my dollar bill it had the stamp of you can log in and track where your dollar has been!Mine was
"This bill has travelled 1,927 Miles in 99 Days, 18 Hrs, 24 Mins at an average of 19 Miles per day."
It traveled from MI to CA!!I thought it was kinda neat to think that this little piece of paper we use everyday has a life of its own!We never really think about that kind of stuff....

Saturday, March 10, 2007


Sly's newspaper!

Wtaps collabo with vans...

My friend from NY was here and so we decieded to go somewhere interesting.And there was a little party going on behind this comic book store on Sunset.A collaboration even with Vans.It was neat.And then the next day I went to the party store and dressed up a little!!