Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Happy Holidayzz from Monn'Amur

We wish you happy holidays and a beautiful New Year! I wish the best for everyone in 2008!
If I dont see you with in the year....Expect to see LOTS of me next year!
Peace and Love, Friedia

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The wonderful Jeff Bender...

I actually took these for my clothing line that is coming out next year.Monn'Amur.If you havent checked out the site..go to it now!www.monnamur.com (hehe..) Its still under construction I know...Do you have any good idea's on what else I should do? Or add?...I have some idea's, but its still on the works.I want to know what you guys think! So Anyways...This is kind of a sneak peak! He took these polaroids after each shot. I got these a while back but forgot to do something with it. I might work on using it on something..havent put my finger on it yet! He is a great person to work with! And a good surfer too! Enjoy!

Girls X'Mas party!

So the other night, my girlfriends sister hosted an all girls xmas party! And it was sooo much fun! We did silly things all night and couldnt stop laughing! Had a cookie making competition! I didnt win...And we also had a christmas ornament painting copetition as well.I didnt win that one either..guess which one is mine!

A true Wanderlust night...

As an early christmas present, I was given the gift to enjoy Bjork for a night.And boy was it FUN! It was my first time seeing her. Such a great christmas gift!
Always have been a fan, only have seen her in the hotel lobby in Japan.On the floor playing with her child....
The opening act was Ratatat. I was excited to see them play! The image in back was really cool .And they kept us entertained even though there is no vocals and it was 3 guys on stage.I used one of their songs on my video.And when they played that song on the screen were diamonds!hmm I wonder if they saw my video first?? hmm
And then lovely Bjork comes out after a band of trumpets and horns come out.She was so tiny! Wearing a gold flashy butterfly wing'ish dress.White or silver leggings ,no shoes and I think she had silver on her forehead or just the eyes..( I wish I had my camera) And every time she would prance around the stage, using her hands and legs to dance with the beat.You just want to keep saying "Dance some more, Bjork!" She was so cute! Wonderful show! Full of power.Just lots of fun!
She said at the end she wont be back for another 3 years! boo hooo ...I did hear she is going to be playing in Japan..Maybe I will catch her again before she goes back into recording!

Thursday, December 06, 2007


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