Monday, January 28, 2008

Sorry I've been gone!

Hey everyone! Im so sorry I have been long gone!! It was a crazy end of the year and since the new year so much has happened!
New year! New everything!! Working on a TV show. Finishing my new collection. Just trying to settle into my new place.Talking to people with new projects to work on with...the list goes on. Trust me! I was thinking about the blogging for so long! I haven't even taken any new pictures! OHHH Im such a bad blogger! But Iam thinking of making this page as more of a personal blogging and maybe starting an only fashion blog on What do you think??? So much I want to do this year! Im also thing of dabbling in a little of vlogging! (video blogging)..Hope that was a real word! So I have a lot coming up this year, and i hope I will be a good blogger and be able to share it all with everyone!Don't give up on me yet!!