Monday, September 29, 2008


While I was in NY for work I got invited to go over to my friends house. His wife just happens to be a Maitre Patissier! She is a patisserie chef! ( hope Iam using the word right!hehe) Anyways, she made us this delicious Paella! and some dessert to go with it!mmmmm and for starters we had cheese and wine! She also brought out some goat cheese, inbetween she added tuna! It was all SOOOoooo Good! We found out later she had Risotto! She hid it from us!!! Thank you so much Wataru and Ayako! You guys rock! When you come to LA, I will treat you to my cooking! Maybe we can try Brazilian!

NYLON October 2008 Issue, must BUY!

Here it is! The article we have all been waiting for! I just got my NYLON in the mail. I need to go out and get more copies!
Wanted to share the moment with you guys! There will be more Monn'Amur postings and articles coming soon!

Friday, September 26, 2008


Been super busy ! Sorry!! Came upon this cuteness video....Enjoy! I love it!
When I have kids I will be making video's like these! :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Music by RORY

Just came back home from a nice night out. Tonight I went to see the famous Rory's very FIRST show! And I must say, it was beutiful! He is so talented. I also got my hands on a copy of his CD and it was nice to listen to on the way back home. Putting it straight into my iphone! There was also a sneak peek of Exploding Strawberries! They did one song!! Hopefully soon we will be able to see more of them playing too! If you want to see what it sounds like ..go to...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I helped a friend get a chekie camera from a friend who was visiting japan.
Here is the famous 1st photo out of his new Checkie!インスタントカメラ・チェキ

Sunday, September 07, 2008


Numb from Thinklab on Vimeo.
Here's a short they made for Seattle International Film Festival in 2007. It was commissioned as part of their Fly Film program. They had 4 days to shoot, 3 days to edit and create the animations. All cast, crew, props, locations, and actors had to be donated to the project.

Writer/Director - Matt Daniels
DP - Kyle Carver
Production Designer - Joy Andrews
Art Director - Dana Thompson-Carver
Editors - Adam Sekuler, Matt Daniels, Joy Andrews
Production Company - Thinklab, Inc.
Producer - Tae Rhee

Natalie Portman's Shaved Head

natalie portman's shaved head - sophisticated side ponytail from thatgo on Vimeo.
A new band to watch out for!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Woofin Girl Photo shoot! in LA!!

I got an email right before I left for Vegas, saying that they want me for the fashion pages of Woofin Girl magazine.The whole theme is "Successful girls in LA" I was very honored for them to think of me!
Before I knew it, they day of the shoot came! The editor and stylist flew in from Tokyo for 3 days to do 2 days of photo shooting! Hard work! And yesterday we shot ALL DAY! I really enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun and cant wait to see how it all came out. Some of my idea's for the shoot was used, so Iam excited to see how it all came out! Keep your eyes out for it! Will be on stands on October 6th!!

FandJ first Shipment!

Hey all of you! Sorry I have been in and out and not totally IN! It has been a busy week! As soon as we got back from Vegas, we went straight to the factory to pick up our scarves and push the workers to finish it all so we can ship.
Well, they finished the next day. We brought them all over to my house/office.(one day I will own buildings, dont you worry!)
And we had to seperate allthe scarves into their proper owners boxes to be shipped.Here is what it looked like! It took us all day!
I also had to do some personal shipping too! (again, one day I will own buildings that will have people help me ship out things!hehe)