Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Did you know.....

I have been on the web all day today doing some research and I have found some web sites even myspace pages that are not me and have false information. Iam flattered that they are up and made by my sweet fans. Thank you so much! But the information on there is not true! Its funny! Like it says "I smoke"...ummm NEVER have I ever put a lit cigarette in my mouth or even near my mouth!!Or my parents name's. 5 pet's!!That would be lovely! But no. I only have one baby dog.Mel<3<3My nick names are pretty funny!One of my actual ones that I use at Starbucks (because my name is so hard to pronounce!) is FRED.The staff at starbucks always stop and take a look at me befroe they write it! Its pretty funny!! Anyways, there is so much un-true stuff out there. Gotta watch out!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Dying to Say This to You...

New CD that I'am so HAPPY with. I have been their fan since their first CD came out. They have a Blondie kinda look. Its really cute. Ive been overwhelmed with so many things latley. And now I just cant wait to get into my car and turn the volume up to sing along with this album!"Tony the Beat" Love it!"24 Hours" every girl knows what this is about! It makes you wanna shout!
Its juat a very simple good album. I was Happy with it.
Sorry about not putting up much. Have alot of things on the works. I think I will be back on track again next week..but I still dont have a digital camera.Im thinking of taking out my Contax and shooting with that and scanning it in....hmmmm more work for me!!haha

Monday, April 17, 2006


Sorry I havent posted. I have been so crazy busy!! Getting things done and you know ...yesterday was easter! Happy belated Easter everyone! I hope you all had a great one!I did the traditional easter egg hunt nad playing kick ball! No peeps (marshmallow bunnies).....Well I just wanted to log in and say Hi to everyone! Hi!!
Also my digital camera broke...so no pictures for a while...maybe i can dig into my old ones and use those. But Iam sooo bumbed.....OKay talk to you guys soon!xoxox

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


This pictures were taken by a friend of mine.Jeff Bender.Check out his web site! He has some pretty cool pictures! The pictures he took of me was really simple but I Love it! It has his touch to it.He is an amazing photographer! While we were shooting we were talking about polaroid cameras.I told him I love them and collect camera's.So he brought out all these old fancy poaroids to show off.But they were some really cool pieces! There is this one that he had that I loved, it was a box polaroid (very heavy) that you look thru the top..but its not upside down..and you dont need a curtain! I forgot what the style no was.It was really neat! He gave me a BIG SHOT polaroid camera! I cant wait to use it!Have to go out and get film for it.I have been so busy that I havent had the time to get it yet..but I have been staring at the box...non stop....

Sunday, April 09, 2006

My Beautiful Friends

This is also from last night. I was wearing my favorite cashmere sweater from Hvana.One of my recent favorite lines!Im dying for one of their jeans!!! And these are my beautiful friends. They are so pretty inside and out. We have fun when we hang out! I love them. Also..JUST IN!!! I just recieved an e-mail from Casio Japan saying they uploaded a video on the baby G web site! So if you go on there and click PLAY.You will be able to see the making in a very spring relaxing way!http://www.g-shock.jp/baby-g/..... I just saw i! Just now!!.My crew is in there.I love everyone that was part of this! Please go see it! And if any one can tell me what happens at the end!!!I would love to know! For some reason it stopped a few seconds before the ending! I might need to try to find it on YouTube.com! Anyone got any answers??

Night of Celebration!!

Girls Night Out! Hadn't done that in a while. I must say, we had alot of fun! My friends and I have all just been really busy and w finally found a day that we can all get together again and go out!Started off with a lovely french fancy dinner, cocktails for the ladies and ended up at taco bell!!We had a lovely night and Im sure there will be more to come! But not going out in so long and finally being around all these people!!!I think most of the time I was just staring.Doing some people watching. One of my favorite hobbies! Not to judge them to just enjoy their fashion! I love it when people go all the way with fashion!I should start taking pictures of them and make a book like Jurgen Teller.I think he made a book when he was younger taking pictures of the kids at the clubs in the early 80's....just a thought!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

My Inspiration Music

Here are 2 of my heavy HEAVY rotation CD's that I would like to share with everyone! One is Animal Collective. I found out from a friend of mine.And at first I didnt quite get it.Then another friend said she was really into it.So I borrowed her CD. And before I knew it I was addicted! I listen to it on my way back to work eveyday now!On my way to work I must listen to The Kevin and Bean show..Just something I cannot stop!......My favorite is "The Purple Bottle"Its sooo good!! And the 2nd one is Royksopp. I have been a fan for a while now and I recently got their recently new cd.And I fell in LOVE with it again! It made me want to sing again!I also heard from a friend that they wrote songs for Annie.Is that true? I want to sing music like that..Just need the help from talented unique people.... Myabe one day I will get to work with them!My favorite on this one is "What Else Is There?" I also just found the video on the net and I love that too!I love IT!!!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Another Rainy Day in LA....

It feels like its been raining for weeks. I love the rain...but not when Im busy and i have to work all day! The rain today seemed colder than usual.I really thought it was going to snow and my friend said "Friedia it's still 60 degrees"...........................
My friend and I went to look at furniture yesterday for our new hut and instead of getting furniture we both got a cold. So today I came straight home. Ive been playing and working on the computer all day. In the past year Ive been fooling around with photoshop and illustrator and I have become very good at it! As you can see my web site is all my art work!!(..its a little messy)
Im really trying hard to finish my web.I really want to tell everyone! So far I have only told 6 people....Must... Finish ...Soon...
Now Iam going to watch an old movie "His Girl Friday" with Cary Grant and just relax..hoping this cold will go away by morning.

The Love of my life.....<3<3

Well, I thought if I posted Jetty then I should also post MEL (Caramel). He is the man of my life.The one and only. Who has been there for me thru the thick and thicker! I love him so much! We have been together for 6 years now going on 7 soon! He is just a great dog! One of a kind.Not a normal dog. Very smart and friendly. Sneaky too! I found out he steals your make up and takes it to his room or under the bed and just keeps it there! Sometimes I will go to check under my bed and I find a pile of stuff that I thought was missing! Its so funny! Mel is my muse for my dog clothing line CARAMEL (named after my love) that will be coming out soon. Right now I know it will sell in Japan.Not sure about the states yet. Im crossing my fingers!The whole idea is to have dog clothes that are more human like.With all the washes and rhinstones and prints. Not just a 100%cotton tee that just has a bone on it and it says "bow wow". Although I do love the wife beater he got for xmas that say's "Bitches Love Me".It's one of Mels favorites!

Jetty Spaghetti!!

i just found out that I will be taking care of one of my favorite dog's Jetty! I love her! She is the girliest girl dog. Its so hard to explain. You just have to see it for yourself. I just love her! We are going to have so much fun!!! I cant wait!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

For all you Claude Montana Lover's!!

Yes I said it! Its for all you 1980's fans! Remember that red leather jacket you always wanted? From Claude Montana? Well guess what? My friend, mr fabulous J found the jacket of his dreams just this weekend at the Pasadena Flea Market! And its in great condition, baby lamb skin in red for $200!You should of seen his face when he found this! I was born in 1980...so Im not the 80's type.But I was so happy for him!! He wore it to work today and it was all about the jacket!Non stop!How he was wanting it for soo long. Couldnt stop touching it.And plus today was raining so he had to be extra careful with it because we wouldnt want his jacket to get all spotted with rain drops! Oh my gosh! He wopuld also just start dancing out of no where too! Dancing like an 80's hipster kid would dance!It was just so funny. Today was all about the Claude Montana!So I just had to show everyone!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Daylight Saving Time begins at 2am on April 1st

Hey...Did everyone change their time to be an hour later than usual??Im hoping my cel phone did it automatically! We just had a longer day than yesterday! Usually on Saturdays I take the day off and let my mind and body relax. And recently I just cant. Ive been running around like a mad man.I woke up to a wet and cloudy really early day.Made me not want to get out of the cover's.Japan was so much colder and now I complain about the cold weather in LA. I must be getting spoiled.....
Today I woke up and had some brunch with my good friend Caroline. She is my best friend's little sister and moved here from Japan a year ago. Not far from when I moved down here. She has been ery busy herself with recording her WONDERFUL Album!
And she came back from South by Southwest and finally she has time for friends again!ME! Her album "MURMURS" is really good!Very unique great music."Where's My Love" is soooo good.So pure and cute. You just want to fall in love all over again.The butterflies the smile's the giggles.....You can also check her out on her web site1 www.carolinlufkin.com
She is such a wonderful person inside and out. And has so much talent. She is going to Blow!!Everyone must keep an eye on her!