Friday, December 22, 2006

Early Xmas party@SMUGGLER

This was last Saturday night.And by the time we got there everyone was already made up! We danced all night!
Our friend from She wants Revenge was DJing and my friend Vanessa was there. These 3 girls were taking the doves off the christmas tree and sticking in their hair! Interesting, dont you think??
It was a fun party!Many interesting people were there.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I just wanted to give a shout out to this lovely person who started this.
She sent me the link on myspace and I have been checking it out.This page is building and building day by day!
I just wanted to say Thank you.It is really cool of you. And I will be doing more work next year so you will have more new pictures to put up! I hope everyone can drop by the site and check it out for yourselves!
Have a wonderful day! Iam going to bed! night night

Friday, December 15, 2006

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sunday night, time to relax..

Since I got back its been crazy busy.Lots to do before the year is over.Only few more weeks to go.But I just wanted to relax today and recently what does that for me is cooking.I made a little japanses dish just for myself! Forgot to go get my christmas tree..but oh well.Maybe next week! Now all i have to do is watch National Geographic channel The Animal Womb!!! Its soo cute! I love animals so much!

My way back home...

Big huge mistake! Something that I have never done before....I was really supposed to leave on Sunday at 4pm and for some reason I thought the 3rd was monday.So I went up to get my ticket and they said they couldnt find me..until they did..on yesterdays flight!!!AGHHH! They were very kind and found a spot for me to go back home..but for a minute there I thought it wasnt going to happen...ooops!Lucky me. On my way to the airport I had a few of my favortie snacks.Pocky is now HALF the Width!!!Feels like your eating more than the regular one.And Bisko! I love the package and the treat makes me happy! And this is Ume Boshi.One of my FAVORITE SNACKS!!I love sour plums! Masaki gave it to me.He said his grandfather makes them! Isnt that cool??I eat one at least everyday....mmmm

Last day in japan for 2006

So what does a girl do?She goes and gets her hair done pretty!plus it was the last day there in 369 (Miroku) They are going to renew their place in a whole new spot! It will hopefully be open again at the end of the year.I wont be able to make it , but I def will make it for their party in jan. 07!Iam really going to miss this spot.Many good memories here.I had a great 22nd birthday party there.We all got dressed up! My first Miu Miu dress....oh gosh.....After I did my hair I went and met up with my hairdresser friend Masaki! He moved to Japan about 3 months ago to open up his own salon! From what he said its going to look like..Iam very excited for him! He knows what he wants so Im not worried!His salon will open in jan or feb 07!!! Everyone is starting fresh!
So am I!

My brother and his 3 other buddies have a mini internet tv show they do live every once a week and they asked me to be the guest.And of course, I cant say no to my cute brother! It started at 10pm and its live so we could chat with fans or anyone who was watching.The sad thing is that we cant see it here in the U.S...or thats what they told me...anyways, we had alot of fun.Or at least I did just watching them saying funny silly things! I didnt talk much....I was so over whelmed!!!Afterwards Kentarou had a fashion show to go to,so we all went and hung out.At this club called warehouse.Got there and my other friend Shyougun was there.We hung out(forgot to take a pix..) but we had a fun time!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Friday:SCawaii Saturday:OFF

So friday I had a meeting in the morning, interview at noon and another big SLY photoshoot late afternoon till sleepy time!
So I didnt take any pictures.I guess I was to busy to stop and push a button....But that was for SCawaii and that too will be out in Jan.2007.
And on Saturday I had a day off so I walked around one of my favorite stores, Tokyu Hands.Oh! and Loft.And I bought myself a schedual book and some pens.Then I spent some time with my friend.We had lunch and did alot of talking! The last photo's are in a bathroom in Parco!!!Isnt that crazy?

Thursday:ViVi photoshoot

These are my brand new socks I wore to the shoot..not in it!They were just so cute I had to show you!
It was ViVi photoshoot day.Actually this is one of the magazines I check every now and then to see whats goin on.They have cute stuff in there!So I was extra excited today!I think it was for about 6 pages!! I really enjoyed this one! It was for Sly.So I got to dress up in all those cute clothes again!The photoshoot today was very mellowish and girly in a way.I cannot wait to see it!
It comes out in Jan 2007!

Wednesday:Half day off

I had work in the morning and from the agternoon was off. So I took a stroll around shibuya.It was all decorated with Christmas lights!From Shibuya I walked to Harajuku.I used to do it all the time when I lived there and it seemed a little far this time.Maybe it was because it was cold.Anyways in Harajuku I always go to my BF's 369(miroku). They were in a very serious meeting for another big project and so I waited around till dinner time.....We all met up and went over to our friends restaurant Shigeji. He makes us the most delicious foods!I ate eveything up before i could take a picture of it..sorry...

Tuesday;Sly Catalog photo shoot!

I got in Japan on monday night.And early tuesday afternoon i was in the studio for SLY the catalog and web site SHOOT!!
I was really excited!I love doing photo shoots!You get to change yourself up and pretend to be someone else for a day. And the theme for the catalog was twiggy meets bridget bardot. So we put on a short wig and lots and lots of eyelashes!Here is a small portion....And at the end we took a picture with everyone.Everyone was soo nice.It was a fun photoshoot.It was mostly all girls which made the photo shoot double the fun!The pretty lady next to me on the right is the producer/designer of the line!
The catalog and web site will come out in Jan.2007. Dont forget to check it out!

This is how we do it on thanksgiving!

yes, I did! ahahaha. First time I had this expierience was at the grove one.They have 3 models at the door and 1 on every floor!
And I just couldnt believe it! So on thanksgiving..when I saw one.I had to take a picture with him!Have to keep Thanksgiving Sexy!And also everyone starts to put up their christmas lights! No snow but lots of lights!