Friday, September 29, 2006

Happy HOUR!!!!

Happy Hour 1! This was in Pasadena and it was a little screening of alot of short films or music video’s or clips from different directors. Sponsored by Smuggler and Jakes pork and beans and many others. It was fun and somewhat inspiring. I love to watch short films and it makes me want to make short films myself. Hopefully I will get the opportunity one day.
Near the Pasadena movie theatre there was a Famima. Which is a Japanese convenient store that will be taking over America any time now!!They are popping up like pop corn!! They carry Japanese snacks, magazines even the little bento box’s that are just like the ones I used to live off of when I first moved to Tokyo! We decided to have dinner here and take pictures in front of the freezers light!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Happy Rosh Hashanna!

Happy New Year! I went to my very first Jewish New Year dinner! It was so much fun! We all sat down and did the traditional dipping the apple in the honey for a sweet year and eating the string beans to leave the enemy’s out of your life.. By the time we got to the actual meal…. I was stuffed. The food was amazing! And everyone was so sweet! Thanks for such a great time!
Hope this year will be a very healthy, full of laughter and a year that is filled with love!


Has been a very busy week. So much to write and show! So lets start off with last week I went to the secret Banksy Art Show everyone has been talking about. He is one of my favorites! I have been following his work for quite some time now and to finally see it with my own eyes!! Was amazing! His silly yet deep graffiti’s are great! He had the warehouse downtown separated in to different parts so you can get a little taste of everything. I especially liked the video he did about how he put his work up in famous museums or the Paris Hilton CD he did…or even the Disneyland incident that I didn't know about. It’s pretty crazy that he could pull all of that off! And that he never shows his face or appears at his own shows! That's the mystery he leaves that I’m sure makes people more and more curios about it all.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Will be posting new pix very sooon!!

Hello everyone! I want to appologize for not keeping up woth the pix. I have been doing alot of traveling this month and working alot!!! Iam actually in Japan right now. I was here for only a day! I got in last last night and now Iam getting ready to leave!Crazy times!And it is always needed!As soon as I get back I have alot of pix to post!So check in again real SOOON!
Hope everything is well with everyone! tah tah for now!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Thanks agian Sab!

My friend from myspace did an amazing job fixing these pix! So I htought I would post them up!
And it seems like I will be going back to japan later next month for more work! will keep you all posted!
Life feels soooo good now!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

1st Interview in 3 years!!

Iam very excited! Even if you cant read japanese..check out the web site! You can look at the pictures!hahaha
Its an online web magazine!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Little Miss Sunshine

It has been so long that I forgot what good movies were all about! I heard it was good.I didnt know it would be THAT good! This is a must see!It is a movie with all different kinds of characters that you conect with and understand. The whole time your watching the movie it gives you so many feelings its amazing when you reach the end.A feel good a way. And Steven Carrel...I love him!!!!So funny!This movie had no computer graphics,no strong violence,no sex scenes,no guns....and you know what.Its soooo much better than those movies.
And that twas my opinion!heehhe go check it out!


Been working on this line with my partner.And it will be coming out soon to the buyers..not in stores till early next year. We had to have a photoshoot for it for the look book! So my partner and I got to cordinate all the looks and tell the model how to move and all.It was fun being behind the scene! I cannot wait to see how the look book comes out!We spent our whole Saturday working on it.We had a good team so it went smoothly. Iam very excited about the whole thing!

Mon chan!!??

Went to do my hair again. It was Masaki's last week there! He is moving back to japan and opening up his own salon! which I am happy for, and at the same time sad to see my friend move away.I hope to see him when I go to japan! His room mate came over to keep us company and he had brought his buddies in his bag.One was of a bear sleeping, and the other was this monkey.
His name is Mon chan.He is a super monkey with a cape and everything. I think he has had him for quite some time now. He also makes Mon chans bed at night! Its his pet!