Friday, July 27, 2007

Chromeo Rocks!

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Cinespace on a Tuesday night.Line going all the way down the block.And us, a group of maybe 10 people all trying to get in by saying all these names of people we know to get in! Thats the LA night life!ha
I had not gone out for a very long time so this all felt kinda new.But we had a blast even though it was like 110 degree's in there and everyone was smoking!We still made it through the night!
I didnt really know much about Chromeo but after tonight I became a fan.It really was alot of fun!
And yes, Paris was behind us.We were there first and she came in right before it started.It was strange to see her and 3 of her girlfriends go into the same bathroom stall....hmmm
anyways, will post some more soon.!Sorry I have been so busy and not been going or doing anything to take pictures of!!
Will try my best!xxx

Monday, July 09, 2007

Live at Mr. Mills house!

I was invited to go watch the Tom green show live at his house on Friday.He set up his living room to be his studio...(beautiful house by the way) And he goes on LIVE everyday Mon-Fri at 8pm for an hour or so.
That night his guest was Jeremy who is a pro skateboarder.Very interesting person..not afraid of anything and loves Japan!
It was a very interesting night...Tom broke his keyboard and was really sad.REALLY SAD! Hope he is smiling by now!

My 4th of July

I had my first house warming and BBQ! It was the best time ever! So many people showed up.So much food showed up! It was sooo good! Thank you everyone who joined me.You guys are the best! You really are.Iam so greatful to have so many lovely friends around me.My heart is filled...

Monday, July 02, 2007

Harry Potter Premier~!

I went back to Tokyo last week for one important meeting and for this special event.The world premier of Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix.It was a very exciting night.First I got to wear one of the cutest dress' I have ever seen.A gold satin MIU MIU bare top mini bubble dress.So perfect! And shoes to die for! I would like to thank Prada Japan for all their help! And especially my stylist Nakayama Hiroki and my best friends for hair and make up, Hasegawa and Kastuji!We were a good team!
ANd the movie was thrilling as always! Thank you warner bros for a fun night!!