Saturday, March 26, 2011

Not many of us know that there are two basketball teams that represent LA....we know LA Lakers...but we didnt know much or anything at all about LA CLIPPERS
At least my husband and I didnt know:(
We found out when everyone else did, at this years All Star Game , when star player Blake Griffin flew over a scion to slam dunk for a commercial!
We got a good deal on Living Social and got to see Blake play on his birthday!!

My husbands birthday and Blake's are a day apart:)

We had lots on fun, and time flew by quick!
But....Clippers LOST:(


maybe next time we will see Blake Slam Dunk more and WIN:)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Rainy way home

Was passing by Chinatown on my way home and thought it was so pretty in the rain

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

RIP Elizabeth Taylor

Classy but sexy, dame Elizabeth Taylor passed away today.
She is such an icon.
Rest in Peace Elizabeth.
(February 27, 1932 – March 23, 2011)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Have you seen this yet?
Its the Less Ambitious version of Edward Scissor hands!
Just Silly:)

I play a small part!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Need your HELP

Ever since March 11, 2011 , when I saw on the TV screen the first shots of the Tsunami eating up Japan, I have been feeling so sad, and so down. My heart hurt every time I turned on the TV to only hear more of the tragedies.
I thought to myself that there was nothing I could do to help.Since I cannot make it out there I am worthless.
But thats not true.Everyone can help and be a part of rebuilding Northern part of Japan.
As of now, no one is actually allowed up there, so all we can do here is donate.
Donate your morning coffee money (make coffee at home) Or donate that one drink that you were planning on getting at that fancy bar (or have someone buy you a drink while you know you are helping someone in Japan)
There are families out there that need food, water, blankets anything and everything. They have lost a lot.
If you are going thru a tough time yourself, you can donate your old shoes to Sports Chalet
Find your way to help.(make sure they are not scams!) Try to stay with the RedCross or the RedCross Japan.
The donations so far is far behind compared to Haiti...
A philanthropy newspaper reports that international non-profit donations to help Japan, one week after the 9.0 quake, total $87 million.
Haiti received $275 million in donations to non-profits one week after their big quake. Areas hit by Hurricane Katrina saw $522 million one week after that disaster.

Come on you guys!!! We can do better than that!!!

Let's all come together and HELP!
DONATE please

Monday, March 07, 2011

Hanami Styling!

During the end of March begining of April Japan has this amazing tradition called "Hanami" which means " Flower Viewing"
We all sit around the Cherry Blossom Tree's and enjoy the beauty with food and drinks!
I just found out that I will be in Japan during that exact time! The last time I went to a hanami was probably when I was living there about 7 years ago!

For this fun filled day I was thinking of what I would wear, and this is what I came up with !!(Only IF I could wear anything I ever dreamed of that is)

Case Crazy

When I heard that Apple was coming out with a new MacBook Pro, I was ON IT! Ordered it right away!!!
I was waiting for this day for soooo long!
(my last lap top was purchased 5 years ago)

The computer got here a day or two ago and I cannot put it down now!
And since I found out that I will be already traveling with my new 13"Buddy, I thought that I should get a case ASAP.
Went on to the INCASE site and could not leave it!
Was on there for almost an hour checking out all their products and collaborations!

I fell in LOVE with the ELEY KISHIMOTO case.
Still debating on either Black or Pink....Leaning more towards PINK....right?!

They even had these cases (but for 15" only)

And the IPhone case's!!!


Sunday, March 06, 2011

Being a Stylist today

There is this website in Japan called BUYMA.
BUYMA is a new type of global shopping market.
It is a market where anyone can participate as a “buyer” or “personal shopper” and recommend items and shop for others. When a seller (called “buyers” in BUYMA) comes across an item that they feel other people would find attractive as well‚ they introduce the item on BUYMA and offer to buy and ship it to the purchaser. The item is listed on BUYMA along with a picture of the item (taken with camera-phones and digital cameras) and a price set by the seller. The seller does not actually purchase the product until someone places an order for the product‚ allowing the seller to list products without carrying any inventory.

So anyone can be a BUYER.

But NOW, actually about 2 weeks ago they started "BUYMA OFFICIAL STYLIST"
Anyone can become a stylist!
You can make your own page and go on their site and find all the sweet , cute and sexy pieces of clothing, shoes, even beauty products! And show everyone what you would pick and how you would style it. (adding a comment)

I wanted to share what I picked today!

Top Shop almost Polka Dot Trench Coat.
Perfect for the Spring weather (coming up soon!)

And some MIU MIU polka dot heels!

Now,for these polka dot beauties for this Spring, I want to try it out with colorful socks or printed socks and HEELS!
Fun Spring times!
Only in the Spring time you can enjoy colorful socks like this!

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Oscar and Birthday

Even though my birthday has passed and had a wonderful the day of! I thought why not celebrate some more with my friends and the Oscars!!

Was a bit disappointed for the Dress's they chose this year for the Oscars and let's not get started by the hosting...
Other than that, at my place it was a BLAST!!
We had prizes! Popcorn! Wine! And great friends!!

Haha if you are wondering I did not turn "39"
Those were candles we had used for my husbands dad (he isn't 39 either)....... It's a long story.
But to keep it short, we re-used it! Recycling Candles cannot be a bad thing;)

Thank you for everyone who joined thus day;)
Too much fun<3

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