Thursday, March 30, 2006


I went to Japan a little before my birthday. I went to take a little break from my crazy LA life and for some work! Last year for the fall winter baby-g collection they used me as the main girl and loved me so much they wanted me to be the spring and summer 06 too! And that is why I went.For the photo shoot.I had so much fun with my friends (hair and make-up and my stylist) We have been working together for the past 7 years.We make a great team! So we did the shoot.I just recieved some posters and catalogs.It is out all over Japan now! And it will be comming to the US for a few weeks! Macy's is going to do a 2 week deal with Baby g and have my posters up and people will be able to purchase the watches too! For those who cannot wait.....check ou their web site! Enjoy!


May I begin with...I know this is not the best picture in the world.Yes it was after a long day at work and it was raining. And it was a gloomy day in California.(plus you cant really see my hair..) I just knew I needed more pictures for this blog and had to take it to post!
So this is my hair dresser in LA. He works at Object. A wonderful beauty salon on 3rd street. I have been going to him since i moved a year and a half ago.Masaki is the man! This time I went to cut my hair in a long bob. I havent cut my hair in years so I was pretty excited!Today is my 2nd day with it and so far I looooove it!!Its so much easier.I think I will stand out a little more too.So many girls now have the long glam hair.Short and dark hair was also hard to find in magazines!Who would of thought!!When I was in Japan I used to change my hair style all the time.Since i moved here I have become soo lazy.Making appointments..driving..waiting..getting it done..driving back...its so different in Japan!
So I have decided to take more care of myself and go often!Im a girl...I need it! We all need to look nice!
Unfortunatly...I heard Masaki is going back to Japan at the end of the year.....What should I do????!!I m gonna miss him....

FortuneTeller Summer Collection 06

I have been SUPER busy. Sorry I havent posted much. So much on my plate right now. Its a good thing.Just hard to keep up with sometimes! So Fashion week came and it ended.Our new stuff from Fortune Teller did pretty well.I was inspired by pirates.
I had fun working on the graphis. I get better at it evey day!The colors for the line were bright and I think it was one of my favorites so far. we launched this line in Aug. 2005.And so far its been good. I would say it is a great start!
I havent been out much..But I cant wait till I find one in the store!

I just cant stop thinking of NEW YORK.
I will live there one day.I know I will......

Sunday, March 19, 2006

I heart NEW YORK

Iam at JFK waiting to board my flight back to LA. It has been delayed so I decided to go online and start a blog. Something Ive always wanted to do.What better time than now!
I was in the big apple for an important meeting.So I just came for the weekend.The meeting went well.I will report it more as soon as i know myself!

NY was alot of fun.I love it here.It actually snowed for about 5 minutes too!!
I got excited because I love snow and hadnt seen it for a while.Living in LA, you dont see alot of that white stuff.
I got to spend some time with my buddies. We went to the Sullivan Room. It was really intresting. The special DJ was John Young.He is really famous in that scene, which is Happy Trans Music Scene! I had a blast doing some people watching!
Okay.. i gotta go much to little time.