Saturday, October 25, 2008

Just Keep them coming!

Here we are in APPAREL NEWS!

New Fav

Sex On Fire

Friday, October 24, 2008

SOUP December issue~

Must go and grab one today! I would if I could! I might try later going down to Little Tokyo!
Anyways, here it is and will give you a little feel of where I work !xx

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Michel Gondry and Friedia!

I was invited out to go to The Family Book Store down on Fairfax (in front of Canters) I rushed down there because I heard that one of my favorite Directors would be there, Michel Gondry. Well, the place packed but luckily my friend had waited since 6:30pm! She is such a sweetie! Thank you again for doing that for us!
I went up, handed him his book "You'll like This Film Because Your In It" and he asked name, I spelled it out like I always do and told him " Iam a very BIG fan"..he said back "You are tiny" And I said " Iam still a very big fan!" and he ended it with looking me up and down and said " You are small"so...i just said " I have a big heart for your work" and he laughed.
Couldnt talk much really, the line was out the door and down the street!
Hope to make movies like him one day! We need more creative directors out there. Not just explosion after explosion and killing then sex and more explosion....right??

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Collaboration is what I mean.Collaboration is a recursive process where two or more people or organizations work together toward an intersection of common goals — for example, an intellectual endeavor[1] [2] that is creative in nature[3]—by sharing knowledge, learning and building consensus.
In Japan it happens a lot in the fashion business.Wether it be two lines or a line and a store.
WELL, I have been finding my American collabo's all over! I might have to start a whole new page for these...
Here is my first find, Crayola and GUM! Pretty dope!

Tis the season!

I love halloween! One of my favorite holiday's, if thats what you call it, cus they dont really give you a day off. ANy ways, I love going into stores and seeing all the orange color and pumpkins, costumes, candy , spooky toys etc. Its the best.
One of my favorites is that they bring Franken Berry back along with Boo Berry! yummmmm
The boxes changed a little. You used to be able to see Franken Berry's nails. They were strawberries. So I would paint my nails like little strawberries! SO cute!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008

We just got Racked!

This was sent to me this morning! Looks pretty sweet! I was actually really busy doing a lot of running around and mingling that I didnt get to take any pictures. ( If there are any floating out there, I would love to see them!)
We got on, and it looks really good! Here it is! For all of you who couldnt make it!click click click!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Monn'amur SPRING '09

I know... we just finished our fashion show last week(which was a success, will be posting pictures up soon), and YES we are having another one. Last week was for Fall 08. This next even coming up is for SPRING'09! We will be showing before it goes in stores!
So this will be a good time to come and see what your favorite pieces will be! Hope to see all your adorable faces there!!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Havent posted the 2nd fashion show here yet, but I will tell you..its gonna be big! We have been doing fittings with models, and talking about hair and make up..all the FUN stuff!
The show coming up this friday is more of my FALL 08 collection. And the one coming up next week on the 15th (keep it open you guys) is for the SPRING 09 brand new collection! Very exciting stuff!

Getting ready for so many things...

I know Iam a month away,,,well,, actually we are getting kinda close. I have been super super busy. So this past Saturday I decided to take a little time off and do something creative. I made a little trip to this place called Michaels and got me some material.
It wasnt till I made the whole thing, that I thought of taking a picture of before and after. Because I had a bought a plain branch wreath and all the other chatchky's. I spray painted the wreath black, did my magic with the extra's and ended up with this! Iam pretty happy with my creation! Wish I could see everyone elses!
I have also been getting ready for 2 fashion shows this month!Its a lot of fun planning and getting things together, but it loses "me" time. So making this wreath was so much fun! OH! And Iam making things for the shows as well. Hope you guys can make it!!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Sushi Cafe

The other night I went to celebrate the opening of a new cafe in WEHO.It is called "HARU SUSHI CAFE" located on 480 South Vicente Blvd. 90048
Everything they use is organic! Organic vegetables ,organic sushi and all! It was really yummy! If you are in the area it is a must go! I promise you your stomach will be as happy as you after you finish a meal here.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Monn'Amur Goes RAW!!

Here it is! This is why we have been so busy! Its gonna be Party Month! Here is our first party for October!
It will happen a week from tomorrow. So if you are making plans for next weekend! Here it is! There will be fashion, art, music and of OPEN BAR! Will be showing Monn'Amur Fall 08 pieces. Hope to see you all there!