Sunday, October 29, 2006


My dad and I went to home depot and we took pictures of ourselves pointing to the hollywood sign!!hehehe
had to post it!

Its that time of the year!

Iam just settling into my new house and area.Took my dog for a walk and saw that there was a pumpkin patch on the corner ,so i decided to go get myself one. Here is my materpiece!Iam now ready for halloween!

Izayoi in Little Tokyo

I have been a big fan of theirs. Iam working in downtown LA alot and I like to go here to eat. Great food and really nice people!
This is the main chef. He is so sweet.Always says Hi to me when I go there! And the other day Take told my friend and I that the lunch was on him!All because I named his new born chihuahua PENNY! Gochisousama deshita! Thank you so much! It was delicious!!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Zac Posen LOVE!

Was just going thru my closet and found one of my favorite sweaters all the way in the back thinking "YES!!!I didnt loose it!!I love this sweater!" It was a gift from Zac when I went down to meet him in his office space in NY. He is def one of my favorite designers he makes beautiful pieces. We did a mini fashion show when I went there. I tried on some of his things and took pictures.His family ws the kindest too! This was about 2 years ago when I first moved down here in the states. He has been doing so well and I wish him all the luck!What an adorable guy! He inspires me in so many ways.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


These are pictures i took at a party in Tokyo last last time I was there. My brother josh came by. And I bumped into my friend Rina which I hadnt seen for soo long! Maybe 5 years! She had gone to London to work! Now she is back and better than ever! I love her! I have just been in the proccess of getting everything ready for fashion week coming up in LA and Iam also moving.So it has been super busy and super hard doing everything at once! I promise you when I get back in the game! I will also be better than ever! I took a few minutes and went strolling on the web to find some new Rin or Friedia fan sites and it made me really happy . I appreciate all the work you guys put into this and it makes me wanna do more! This last trip to Japan was hopefully a good one and I am hoping for good things to happen!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

The next night I hung out with my friend Fumi took me out to eat Okonomiyaki! Which I love and miss everytime I come back to LA! Havent found a spot here yet! This place she brought me to was run by a family and they cook it for you. And when it comes time to add the mayo or sauce they do it from far away on to the hot plate! Its kinda hard to explain the exitement you get unless you see it for yourself!I tried taking a few PIX!!
And after that we went to her place and got my nails done by her friend Aki! My first Gel Nail!! Its not sculpter nail and it lasts twice as longer than normal! To all the girls out there! You must try it when you get to Japan! And go see my girl AKi!!!
Her nail salon is callen U-NO and it is in Ebisu 4-3-1 #706
call and make an appointment! She is really good!! 03-3444-1995

Day After I landed....

I arrived Japan at 4pm. It was raining and really cold.I found my way to my friends house and she took me out to eat yummy korean BBQ. It was soooo good! That night when we got back to the house I was greeted by a cute little doggie Mie chan and as soon as I saw my futon I passed out! The next morning still raining in Tokyo I woke up at 3am and again forced myself to sleep till 7. She was already awake and making breakfast! Something I have never seen before...Natto Toast!! Natto with Combu on Toast....I know it might not look that great..but it was pretty tasty! and of course dont forget your morning cup of tea!!