Saturday, August 30, 2008

"PROJECT" Day 2!

Here we are for the 2nd day. We havent really slept for the past week, trying to get things ready and everyday just being non-stop. So we might look a little tired! I also saw two girls there from the TV show "the hills" The Whitney girl had her line there, and it was pretty cute! I see her in opening ceremony store all the time! I love her neon pink chanel flats! Very cuteness!
And I also found some very well dressed HIP people that I wanted to share. You know, its hard finding people with good style. You would think at a show like this you would give it your all to impress others, but a lot of the peeps didnt do much. They "DO" better when they go out at night...thats what is different from LA and Japan. In japan, we are always wanting to look good!

Arriving into vegas, and hungry!

So we stopped by Tony Roma's for some delicious ribs! mmm, here we are getting ready to eat!

"PROJECT" Day 1!

I just came back from Las Vegas for the shows. We did one of the shows called "PROJECT"
Day one was setting up.We were in the booths around 8am and took out all our new styles! Here is me, my partner Miss J, and our helper for the 3 days Leslie!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Butter LA

Here is a new blog ( that I will also be contributing to, hopefully starting next week!)
But you must check this site out! especially this one.....

Butter LA - Spreading the Word on All Things Beautiful. has posted a new item,
'When East Meets West'

Written by Kat

Always dreamed of living a double life? Highlighting your days as an
international starlet, moonlighting as a crime fighter? Well, super talent
Friedia Niimura (pictured on the right) is just that. Niimura is Japan's
sweetheart and has been seen across numerous magazine covers and television
screens across the world. More recently, she's been [...]

You may view the latest post at

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Has anyone been checking??

I have been doing many Raw-Girls photoshoots and hadnt seen any pictures up, but when I went today, they had pictures I didnt even remember taking! You should all stop by and take a look! A Sale is going on too! How could you miss that?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

FandJ in Vegas!

You see it all first here! haha always wanted to say that!
So I have been busy getting things ready for the lines we do freelance design for and also for our line!
Unfortunately I wont be showing Monn'Amur in Vegas, waiting for the perfect timing! (wink)
AND we will be showing the new scarf line! Here is one small pic of what the new ones are all about!
Come over and check us out!
If you cant make it, these scarves will be in stores by the end of the year! Just watch out!!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Here is a little something of Monn'Amur that was in Glamorous! Check it out! The un-even stripe dress! very chic!


Dont know if you have heard it thru the grape vines or not, but with my friend I have launched another line. This time it is all about scarves. We are always wearing scarves, especially Jose! He can make a scarf out of a scrap of fabric! Anyways, it has been doing well, it will be in stores at the end of the month. But before that, here it is in this months SWEET magazine! Looks really cute!

Iam a walking Rainbow Bright!

Recently I have been busy with work and waking up early. So early its still grey in LA.( LA is never grey!)
Anyways, i just picked up my favorite things from my closet today and didnt think much of it.
As I am walking out of the factory around 3pm, I see my reflection in the car and think " Iam a walking Rainbow Bright!"
I dont dislike what Iam wearing, the colorful thing is the trend. And I LOVE color!
HA , I just had to show you what I looked like, sorry if the picture doesnt compliment me at all. The shine on the face and all.

Friday, August 15, 2008

It's here ya'll!! WWD THURSDAY

So, I havent seen the actual newspaper yet! (For some reason my WWD comes a day late..hmm) Anyways, this was sent to me from the editor of the magazine. Who was also telling me how much she loved this top and wants to keep in touch with the line! SO my dream of having the line on the cover, isnt far!! The pictures turned out amazing, I couldnt of have asked for a better photo.
The model too is so perfect! Super Kawaii~! :) haha I have been looking at it all day and showing everyone that comes into sight!
It still a new line, but I see a very bright BRIGHT strobe light at the end! Fabules-ness!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Beijing Olympics 2008

Are you guys watching this! First of all the opening ceremony blew my mind away. It was so beautiful , so amazing, I cant even explain! How much hard work has been put in it for this day! I heard they rehearsed for 8 months! China is amazing! I dont think anyone can top that off! And as for the games too! They are so good! I cannot keep my eyes off of the tv!! Iam so proud of everyone who is there fighting to win the gold. I give them credit for even just making it to the olympics. They are the real champions! 皆頑張れぇ〜!You guys are living the dream, and I admire you!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

My new fav LYKKE LI

I was on the net looking for some inspirations for my Summer and Fall 2009 collections and she came up. Now Iam so very into her and her music. She will be my muse! She is from Sweden. One of my fav's! Music from Sweden is a favorite of mine. I must make a trip down there to see what it is all about. Anyways, back to the lovely lady, her name is Lykke Li.
I dont know much about her yet, but I do know her new album will be out soon. Must check it out! Iam going to itunes right now and pre-ordering! See below her new song from the new Album. The song is "Breaking it up"