Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Good Night Ai.....

Today I found out from a friend who just came back from Tokyo, that my friend just passed away. Her name was Ai. I worked with her on a few TV shows. She was the nicest lady I had ever met in the entertainment industry. She would always light up the crowd. Give me advice, gifts and always believed in me.I had not seen her for a couple of years. But, she did come to say good bye to my brother. (" Thank you again Ai chan")That was the last I saw her. We sat and cried and talked..and cried. Now I cry for her.... I still cannot believe it. Iam in shock...
I was thinking of her a couple weeks ago and sent her an email....she wrote me right back. Saying we would hang out next time I was in Tokyo.She said " We will see each other soon, right?"
Good night Ai chan. I will always remember you and the kind words you gave to me and so much more. I hope you see Josh up there. You can rest now. Rest in Peace. We will all miss you.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Is everyone ready for the holidays? It is just a few days away and I still havent finished my present shopping! I cant figure out why time flies so fast. Havent done much shopping, but I have been trying to get in the spirit! I made everyone a christmas card this year! Wish I could give it to you guys reading my blog!....One day...
And I also have been making doggie toys for my pups! They seem to like the stuffed animals and chew them apart right away. SO, I have a lot of fabric lying around the house...so why not make them toys! Iam also making gifts for my friends doggies too. Gotta support the critters!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


So thanks to Dora and her quick eye! She found out that Suzuki Ami was wearing the Monn'Amur Vest in her Video!
It was pretty cool to watch it in motion! Plus I remember watching her thru the auditions she went thru on TV!
I didnt know she was still singing! And she also totally changed her music style!Well I wish her luck and to keep wearing Monn'Amur! YAY!!



Can I be the 9th Samurai??

"The 8th Samurai"

It's 1953 and Japan's most ambitious film Director is about to begin his next big budget samurai epic.
With a little persistence and stroke of good luck, Nanshu lands lead role as one of the eight samurai
that will save a village from roaming bandits. But little does Nanshu know that the director is having
doubts and there is only one thing Nanshu didn't prepare for. Come and see how Nanshu, against all
odds, will help to make cinematic history.

Well. my good friend Eijiro was the main Samurai. ANd I must say that it was a really, no I mean REALLY good movie!
The director is an Italian American man who probably watched A LOT of old Japanese movies! I wish you could all see this movie!!! All I have now is a website and a the trailer is on Youtube.....
Eijiro you are such a great actor! Iam proud of you my friend!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Earth Works Video

Earthworks 01 opening video by Ken Tanaka from CAFÉMODE on Vimeo.

JOY RICH @ Lallure

Iam a fan and a friend of the people over at Joy Rich. They are so talented and so much fun! Well, they had a party at a store in Hollywood called Lallure this past Sunday and my friend Hide and I went down there to check it out! I bumped into a lot of my friends there! After the show we decided, well..Hide and I decided to take them to my fav Thai place in LA, Ruen Pair! The dinner was probably the most fun of all! We couldnt stop laughing!!! hehehe :)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Another Fabulous night at LV!

So Louis V had another little get together at the century city mall on thursday night. So we all decided to go. And this time I was gonna show them how "I" wear Black! The food was yummier than the last one! Plus we got little goodie bags! THank you LV! LV U!


So the night before the opening of the Earth Works event went really well. I was very nervous of going. When we were waling in I saw my painting right out in the front! Both of them! They hung it right out side of the door of the restaurant. And a lot of people came up and asked me if that was the one I did, and that they liked it etc etc! It was very cool to hear that! I have always been an artist in the closet. I would draw a lot! And keep it stored away for some day to come out in the sunlight again. Well, KIO the artist who coordinated the show was the guy who helped me get it out there. And Iam very great full he did. Another gallery actually approached me to see my previous art work! And I would like to thank all my buddies that came over to support me! We had a good ol time! Good organic food and drinks and music and good company...oh and really good artists! Lots of very unique cool art! It will still be up for a month! So if you can make it, please swing by and have lunch there while enjoying the creative art around you!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Last night my friend invited me over to the Louis Vuitton and GQ party in Beverly Hills! Here we are!!
To tell you the truth, the music, food and atmosphere was great..but the crowd was not so much fun. It was a lot older than Iam used to. And I went in wearing hot pink tights, shiny black skirt, yellow top with a tux jacket and booties to match. Everyone was looking at me like...." Where was your black dress??"
I had a fun time! No one is taking us down! We were there for an hour and left!:)

Monday, December 08, 2008

QIO Christmas Party~!

Saturday I went party hopping! There was this party at this new store in Little Tokyo ( forgot to take photo's) then we headed over to Qio's party! We walked in right when the fashion show was happening! Perfect timing. We also got to play a quick game of bingo. Very fun night!! Hope there will be more parties to come!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

My day out with my digi camera

Today was a beautiful Sunday in Santa Monica CA. I spent the whole afternoon walking around the 3rd st Promenade and taking pictures with my digital camera. I would switch out the filters to Black and White, Red and Blue. Here are some favorites.xxx

Thursday, December 04, 2008

"Woofin Girls " Shots we didnt use!

Maybe you saw it on the stands already, maybe not. I did a 6 page spread in the japanese magazine Woofin Girls. They came all the way down to LA to shoot. And the photographer was a friend of mine, Yuri. So hte day went by so fast , and had so much fun! If you saw the shots in the magazines then you havent seen these. These were the other ones that were not picked..but I liked them! So Iam giving you all a little peek! The whole spread was about being paparrazi'd!Enjoy~!

Please come if your in LA!

When I was little my mom and dad would hand me a pen and paper all the time to keep me busy. And when I grew older my dad took us to the museums all the time and he introduced me to Vincent Van Gogh. He became my favorite and told my dad I was going to be an artist. He never really supported the idea. ( he wanted me to become a scientist like him) So I never went for it. But my love for drawing or making things never went away. Thats probably one of the reasons Im in the clothing/designing industry!
I had a fashion show a few months back and got to meet a lot of very interesting people. One of them was an artist himself. Well, he is the one that put this event together and asked me to show my stuff......So for the first time I will show an art piece. Iam excited and very nervous at the same time. ART is not the easiest to please a crowd. Its all about taste. BUt in my mind, if I can please just one person, that will make me happy. I do it cus I love it, and if it affects someone else in any way, thats a compliment. If your in the area, please stop by! C u there!xxx

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A very unexpected Early Christmas Present!

Hello Everyone! Meet Vincent! Little Prince Vincent! He is the new member to the family.
SO here is a story. Ever since my brother passed away I have been having dreams with him in it almost every night. I can feel him there and around me all the time. Well, one of the dreams I had was a little after the funeral. He came into my dream and tried to make me happy. SO he gave me a little black dog.And named him "Prince" The next day I had told my friends about the dream ,and didnt think much about getting another dog. UNTIL! Early October a friend of mine said that her sisters dog got pregnant by accident. My friend owned the male pom and her sister had a female pom. Which the sister had left with her parents so she could go and live in Korea. Well, the two cuties made babies!! And my friends parents werent so happy about it and told her she couldnt keep them. She came and asked me if I wanted one and I told her when they were old enough ( 3 months maybe) I would think about it. So this didnt cross my mind either because I thought I wouldnt have to make a final decision until next year Jan. Well,,,,, the day after thanksgiving I get an email saying that if I wanted him she could drop him off today. And without hesitating I said "sure! bring him over" and here he is! A little gift outta no where. The cutest little black Pom!
For me this past week was a hard one , and he has been cheering me up.Vincent is so precious. Iam sure I will be posting more movies of him on here, so watch out!!