Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Mc D's!!! Iam LOVIN IT!!

Sorry i havent been able to post much this past week.Been really busy and crazy for me. I was in vegas for the shows (fashion week) then I came back and starting new things, my birthday...and on my birthday I got a great gift! It was a McDonalds National commercial!!hehehe Its funny , But Iam so happy! I didnt go to castings for a long time and I finally decided to start again a few months ago and I finally booked one! And I had so much fun with it! I dont know when it will air yet but hopefully it will be soon.
I did it in English and in Spanish.And the group of people I did it with was so much fun!We bacame instant friends! I will tell ya'll when it airs!i think I will be back on track soon with the blogging....but I leave for japan again soon....Gotta keep up!!!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It twas my Birthday!

Thank you for all the sweet messages I recieved on myspace or mixi.Iam always greatful of you guys and all your support.Had a beautiful quiet day.Had lunch with my dad,watched a movie...that kinda stuff.Really mellow.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Getting made up for the SLY photoshoot

This is me getting ready for a long day of photo taking.In the back is the wonderful guys who make beautiful hair!They Rock!
The whole SLY team rocks! Cant wait for you guys to see the new one!Its different from the last one!Keeps on getting Better!!xxx

Bangs are BACK!

The day before my photoshoot for SLY I went and got my bangs did! Ken was there so we took a picture.And then hear is my make up artist.We went and had a lovely dinner afterwards!

Be greatful!!

My friends asked me if I knew "Krispy Kream" and of course,living in the U.S. you see it everywhere! Well, they told me that a store just opened in Shinjuku and if I had the time to go get them some.So I went down there, craving the doughnuts because I havent had any for forever.I arrived and saw this huge gathering of people in front.Maybe something happen'd...hmmm.I go ask the police officer in front of the door and he tells me it is a line to go in.A wait of at least an hour!Could be more,.....!!!Its like waiting in a line at Disneyland!!And plus the doughnuts are 200yen.Twice the amount here!First thing I did when I got back to LA.Is went thru the drive thru Krispy Kream and treated myself to one!

Sushi at Kikuchi's is always delicious!

I have been going to Kikuchi's since I was 18.My friends at Miroku would always take me.And when ever I was in the neighborhood I would just drop in and say HI!.This last trip they took me there again and then invited my brother Josh and his friend Kenchan to eat with us.It was sooo much fun and Oh So Good!!!