Friday, April 24, 2009

Mmmm today lunch

Brazilian at the Farmers Market on 3rd and Fairfax

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Just picked up my...

If u only knew the trouble I had to go they to get it!:)

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Got a Ume Rice Ball for lunch with extras;)

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Grey Gardens

Just finished watching the "Grey Gardens" Movie on HBO. And I must say it was a beautiful movie. The costumes, shots and actors were brilliant. I absolutely Love the movie. Please go check it out , if you can....
OR here is the real deal....Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange got it to the T!
(if you notice, the barret on Edie is the same one on Drew!)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

OH NO~ I cant stop!
Awesome photo's from Jan Von Holleben!!
Nothing stops Jan Von Holleben from creating the shot he wants, not budget, not locations, and not gravity. We love his youthful spirit, and that he uses his imagination to create fantastic frozen images of flight from some supplies from the garage, a few neighborhood children, and the end of the street, or the backyard. Jan Von Holleben awakes Creative Tempest’s sleeping inner child, now hungry for an Ego waffle breakfast.

Ryohei Hase

!!! wow very neat!


My friend sent me this website today..and I like it a lot! check out some of the photo's by Phillip Toledano!....ooooo ahhhh~
Its soo cool! Love the taste of the photo's.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Just finished watching...

Alice by Jan Svankmajer a Stop -Motion animation movie. There wasnt any talking really, but that didnt matter. You cant keep your eyes of the screen. Something so mysterious made you watch the movie all the way thru.
There were some cute things he did in there that reminded me of things that UnderCover did like 6 years ago for one of their collections. ( I remember it being one of my favorites)

Going back to some roots

Was online looking at Honyee.comIts a website for the cool artists /models/creators of Japanese Hip Culture. A lot of my friends are on, so I check every now and then.And I had heard about Nigo (also a friend) about stepping down from being president, so I went on his blog to read more about it and started reading others and was remembering all the people that influenced me when I was in japan. When I was 18, the people I had met who had inspired me to be more creative. All these memories had come back, and just wanted to share just a small part of it....
I had first seen his art at at the opening of Bape Cafe in Aoyama. He had this huge drawing right when you go down the steps to the cafe (cafe isnt not there anymore) but I thought, WOW! Someone drew that!!!!Its sooo cooool!
And fell in love with the erotic, yet futuristic vision of women. It makes you feel like you dont want to stare to long, but you kinda do ... ??

Then there is Keniichi Tanami. I keep forgetting to buy his book when I go to Japan, maybe this time for sure.
But I just love his vivid colors. A little Murakami'isk type os style...BUT Tanami was here before any of this Murakami stuff was out.
I like it.

Iam doing it you guys!

I have started twitter! Follow my tweets!

cannot wait! BRUNO~ is dat chu??

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday morning

At the dog park. Always a good way to start

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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

kinda funny

Go watch 17Again! Its kinda like the movie "BIG" little more cheesy than that, but good and uplifting!
Plus Zac is a cutie!


Just got these pix from my friend! This was about a month ago when we all went down for the Art Walk in Downtown LA!
HA enjoy!


whats up with me and little kids dancing, i think its the cutest thing!
I think when he jumps up and lands with his legs apart, thats when your supposed to imagine him going all the way down to the floor in a REAL SPLIT!!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

the night before at The Boiling Crab

Lunch in the car

Bento in the car reminds me of the days I was on location in japan. Ahhh memories:)

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Wednesday, April 01, 2009


She is the cutest!! I have a video that goes with this too!! I love her!!

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I must travel in this!!