Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Happy Holidayzz from Monn'Amur

We wish you happy holidays and a beautiful New Year! I wish the best for everyone in 2008!
If I dont see you with in the year....Expect to see LOTS of me next year!
Peace and Love, Friedia

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The wonderful Jeff Bender...

I actually took these for my clothing line that is coming out next year.Monn'Amur.If you havent checked out the site..go to it now!www.monnamur.com (hehe..) Its still under construction I know...Do you have any good idea's on what else I should do? Or add?...I have some idea's, but its still on the works.I want to know what you guys think! So Anyways...This is kind of a sneak peak! He took these polaroids after each shot. I got these a while back but forgot to do something with it. I might work on using it on something..havent put my finger on it yet! He is a great person to work with! And a good surfer too! Enjoy!

Girls X'Mas party!

So the other night, my girlfriends sister hosted an all girls xmas party! And it was sooo much fun! We did silly things all night and couldnt stop laughing! Had a cookie making competition! I didnt win...And we also had a christmas ornament painting copetition as well.I didnt win that one either..guess which one is mine!

A true Wanderlust night...

As an early christmas present, I was given the gift to enjoy Bjork for a night.And boy was it FUN! It was my first time seeing her. Such a great christmas gift!
Always have been a fan, only have seen her in the hotel lobby in Japan.On the floor playing with her child....
The opening act was Ratatat. I was excited to see them play! The image in back was really cool .And they kept us entertained even though there is no vocals and it was 3 guys on stage.I used one of their songs on my video.And when they played that song on the screen were diamonds!hmm I wonder if they saw my video first?? hmm
And then lovely Bjork comes out after a band of trumpets and horns come out.She was so tiny! Wearing a gold flashy butterfly wing'ish dress.White or silver leggings ,no shoes and I think she had silver on her forehead or just the eyes..( I wish I had my camera) And every time she would prance around the stage, using her hands and legs to dance with the beat.You just want to keep saying "Dance some more, Bjork!" She was so cute! Wonderful show! Full of power.Just lots of fun!
She said at the end she wont be back for another 3 years! boo hooo ...I did hear she is going to be playing in Japan..Maybe I will catch her again before she goes back into recording!

Thursday, December 06, 2007


Found this randddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I love you Margiela and Chanel!

It's the smartest idea! They got this one sooo right!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Meters, meters ,meters....

Did you know that now you can use your credit card for parking meters??ISnt that the craziest idea ever! I admit that I dont have change all the time and that it helps..but wow! They really want our money! I also found a bedazzled meter on melrose. At least it makes the street look a little nicer! I have also heard that soon they will be putting meters up that know when you are parking there and when your not (japan already has these)Which means that if you put an hour worth of money in and you leave the spot in 30 min...The meter will go back to zero.WHICH MEANS...You wont be able to use the person( who was right in front of you)their meter money!!Im telling ya! Keep a tight grip on your quarters! Your gonna need them!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

One night in Shanghai

So I had only one night in Shanghai.My friends decided to take me out to Bellagio.It has the best deserts!
But first..this is my view from my hotel room. and back to the deserts...
It was the best mango coconut desert ever! I cant explain.Your just going to have to try it out yourslf when your there.
And the red plate..Thats spicy chicken.....it took us a while to find the chicken!

On my way to Pinghu

My flight to Shanghai wasnt bad.It did feel like a very long day..and I did miss my favorite day of the year, Halloween...but Iam glad I went.It was a great experience for me. I loved every minute of it! Cant wait to go back!

Monday, October 29, 2007


I have been for many years, since I saw his art work in a magazine, been a huge fan of Murakami Takashi.Ive always loved the popness of them.I hope to interpret the pop and fun image into my clothing the same way he does to his work.
When he did the collabo with Luis Vuitton, I remember saving up all my money and buying the Cherry Blossom bag with the bow on the front.My very first expensive bag.So expensive I was afraid to wear it out.So most of the time it just sat on my dresser so I could look at it and smile.....
Anyways, I heard he was having a show at MOCA in LA.And I knew I was going to go no matter what.I had just finished a very LONG day at work!(as you can see...hehe)And my friend and I decided to go check out the exhibit. We did.I loved it! Iam going back when I come back from my trip...And they had limited edition everything! So I purchased another bag for everyday use.Was very happy! As we were running out the door to our cars so that we wouldnt get a ticket.We see a group of people..and see that its Murakami himself! I was sooo excited! I couldnt believe it! So I rushed in and took a picture with him! He looked surprised when I spoke to him in japanese..Shook his hand.Told him I was his biggest fan.And he ran to the back of the museum...
Totally made my day! He was the cherry on top!
If you have the time and want to see some art work that will make you smile...Go check it out!

Early Halloween??

Me and Miz K. dressed up and the Bad Angel and Good Devil!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I did it again....

I booked another national commercial.This time its for Bud Light! We shot it on Monday.Still dont know when it will air.But I will keep everyone posted!....Its a funny one!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Iam sure everyone has heard about the radiohead album.How you can download it from their website.You can choose how much you want to pay for the album and download it right then and there! I just got it....So Iam going to go enjoy it.
I heard it was really good.....So I have my hopes up really high!

I love Fashion Shows.

Fashion week has been going on for a while now.And so Ive been glued to the computer...Wish I could actually be there..ONE DAY!! Here are a few i liked!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Baby bump!

Since everyone is having babies in LA.I thought I would show you guys mine!
Here she is Baby CoCo! She came and cuddled with me when I was working!
Mel Looked jealous! Dont worry I gave him alot of hugs and kisses!!xoxox

Recycling feels really good!

I always recycle.I have extra bags next to my trash can to seperate my plastics with glass and aluminum etc....
So this is the first time that I have done this.And Ive always been curious on how it works and all..SO I did it!
I brought all my plastic empty water bottles to this recycling corner next to Ralphs and turned it all in! Depending on how many bottles you bring , they give you a coupon to either cash in or use at Ralphs! Im sure alot of you have tried it! But it was my first and wanted to share the experience!

Coming Soon!!

Sunday, September 30, 2007


My Best Buddy came into to town and surprised all of us! So we decided to have a night of Bowling! I did as horrible I as I did last time.But had the bestest of Best times ever! Laughed so much! After playing a few rounds of token games.We added all the tickets together and got everyone a pair of vampire teeth! And thats how you get vampires!

BlackDaisyville Bitches!

I love these socks we made when we were designing BDV! We had so much fun!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Children Paparazzi??

I was out at Hyde with my friends one night.And we were all waiting for the car to come from valet.Then someone..I dont know whom it was, comes out from the club and gets in her car...All of a sudden all these paparazzi pop up! And 2 little kids were there too! Its 2am!! And there were two kids getting into this girls face shooting away! Going in the streets to get a picture. They werent afraid of anything!! What is the world coming to??!!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Went to the River!!!

AZ is always beautiful when I go!On this trip I found out that my little Coco could swim! She really is the cutes dog in the whole wide world! My first time jet skiing! That was a blast! Very fun, packed 3 days! Thanks you guys!
Gotta do it again!!SOOOOOON!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Across MY Universe!!!

I went to go see this movie last night at the Arclight. I was waiting for this movie to come out for a very long time.From the first time I saw the trailer I knew it was going to be good! Im a HUGE Beatles fan! And its one of my favorite directors!!Director Julie Taymor could be one of the greatest visionaries working in Hollywood! She really is amazing!I recomend anyone to go see it.I loved every scene in it.I didnt feel like any seen wasnt needed.Everything was orginal to me.Simply wonderful.I think its one of the best movies of the year.I know it might be hard for everyone to understand a movie that is full of art.....In my book its No.1 for 2007! Im going to go see it again! And again!ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Blue Candy Skies

After a long night of playing wii.We decided to go over to the beach.One of my reasons why I love CA so much...we are so close to the ocean.Us pisces need that water.The sky was so pretty.Like a big bowl of melted blue candy.
It went well with my new glitter nails.Summer is great isnt it?


Went to my first Dodgers game.Thanks to my Baseball management!It was sooo m uch fun! I never really enjoy'd watching baseball, but when your actually there and you and the crowd feel like one!! Its amazing! So much fun! I had the dodger dog and the famous garlic fries.It was yuumy at the time I was eating eat..lets put it that way!Unfortunatly they lost.They play'd till 12:30am! But they did a good job! I give them a big pat on the back! Good Job you guys!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

u've seen it in the magazines!

SKawaii was out a while ago in Japan.( I think!) So I wanted to post a few of the behind the scenes!ha
Some polaroids we took. One day I will have long hair like that.Maybe not that long..but it would be nice.Ive always had shorter hair.This is prob the longest I have ever had it! And Iam gonna let it keep going!