Saturday, February 26, 2011

Monsters are real....

Friday, February 25, 2011

Vegas Clouds

Are so beautiful. Couldn't stop taking pictures on my way back!!

I love to drive<3


top- UO
jeans- Levi's Red Label
shoes- Chanel
watch- Nixon
bracelet- Ettika
necklace- vintage and hand made chain necklace by me<3
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nicole Richie in AHNIIMURA

Here is Nicole hitting up the gym in our famous City Plaid Print AHNIIMURA tux tank!

Photo's found on

Bringing Sexy Back

Backs can also be very sexy<3

Birthday wishes

When the day of my birthday came all u could think of was "so glad to be home" " I just wanna relax" So I did just that!
I made myself lunch and ate it in bed!!

For dinner I called the family to eat Korean BBQ ! With some Yogurtland for treats

Then decided to go dancing.
And since that night was the NBA All Star game all the clubs were packed and hard to get into!
So right when we had kinda given up, my husband calls his friend and we get into the hottest party of the night!!
When we walked in Ice Cube was on stage and before that was Nikki Minaj ! The night ended with Rick Ross!!

So much fun;)

And these cute shoes were at the event!

Love Jeremy Scott;)

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

At night we head to Osaka!

In Vegas there is this little spot called Osaka that has all izakaya kind of foods.
Here us where we closed for all the shows;)

For dinner I switched up my denim shorts for some Tsubi jeans. And my white shirt to a Elisabeth and James silk short top. Oh and my Jeffrey Campbell boots;)

And before the night fully ended I joined a few friends for a drink or two at the Ghost Bar in the Palms Hotel.
It was on the 55th floor and had an outside dancing room which was beautiful

These cuties are dancing on top of a glass that you can see all the way down to the parking lot!!!
Scary sight!!

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Vegas last day

For us, we didn't use a taxi for transportation. We go in style.....

In a LiMO!!!

Todays CD

Cardigan - UO
shirt- Rag and Bone
layered top-UO
Lace slip - Free People
shorts-vintage jean shorts

yep, still obsessed

Colorful hair<3


Friday, February 18, 2011

Valentine day CD

Here is what I wore on LOVE day!

I had some gift cards I had to use so we stopped by the nearest Sephora!
Since I am a member and know my birthday is coming up, I received a free Philosophy Bubble Bath!!

Smells like Cupcakes!<3

It was really nice.......Zzzzzzzzzzzz

Good night Valentines Day;)

dress-one teaspoon
shirt-Elizabeth and James
boots-Jefferey Campbell

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Sooo cute!

Everytime I come here I always see the importance of wearing a nice pair of panties and a beautiful bra to make you feel super cute and sexy on the outside!

Such a fun show. ( wish it was bigger)

We found a lot of cute nighties and undies for the Biancheri Tutu store in Tokyo. Cannot wait till it all comes in and is hanging in the stores!

Here are the girls doing the final calculations for the day

Happy Valentines Day!!!

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