Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Pyramids and enqlinators...

Umm..I know you cant really tell whats going on so let me explain...One of the reasons why I have not been able to keep on the blog is because I have been traveling so much. Here are one of the places I just got back from..last night.Las Vegas! We stayed at the Luxor Hotel and this is a picture from the 13th floor of all the hotel rooms on the other side! The hotel is a piramid!Instead of elevators there are enqlinators (not quite sure about my spelling) They are elevators that go sideways!!Yeah, weirdest expierience ever. The way the hotel was made was so facinating to me.I had to share it with you guys.Vegas has very interesting buildings everywhere.Its amazing just to go there to look at them.Oh!and dont forget the outlets!!

Right ON!

Got to hang out with one of my favorite designer!Miyashita!The sweetest man!! He IS the man of Number (N)...Him and his team were here in CA (and all around) for inspiration for their next collection! We all had drinks at the standard laughing and talking. And we went to Cha x3 on Santa Monica. It was soo much fun! They are such great people!We were all aroud the table looking at this months Harpers Bazar (i think it was..) because he had heard that Karl Lagerfeld talked about N.N! They said the knew he would come and buy their jackets but he never said anything...And now its all in writting! Its an amazing line and they just started the Paris collections..its one of those lines that you cant keep your eyes off of! they ROCK!!Number (N) is YUMMY YUMMY IN MY TUMMY<3<3

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Fishy Friedia!!

AHAHAHAHA!!! When I first saw this I could not stop laughing! My friend J.B said he saw a dream of me being a fish! And when he was going thru all the pictures he saw it and re-touched my face to look like me in his dream! Look how creepy!!!AGHHHH!
I just had to post it! Thanks J.B!!!Your pictures are always cool!

Heading out to see a Dog Fashion Show!

A black tie event was one of the fun things that happened the first night in NY. Everyone was wearing their best clothes and shoes for their love of their pets.Auctions were going on for raisng money for pounds and dog shelters.All for a very great cause! And the fashion show was really interesting! The new next thing with pets is for the owner and their pups to be wearing the same things! There was also a contest going on with new young student designers.And the boy who won (his clothes were the cutest and most out there!) said his inspiration was underground Harajuku kids!!Go Japan!!!
I didnt get to take any pix at the show, and here is one before I left in my hotel room!Notice the REDest bed I have ever seen in the back!!

New York Pet Fashion Week!!

So here is the reason why I have not been on here for sometime now. I just got back from New York! I launched my dog clothing line!!!YEAH!!! Its named CARAMEL after my doggie.He is my muse for this line.Something cute and yummy like caramel..without forgetting about the stickiness!!! Here is one of the most popular designs.
I did alot of pet press!!,Petworld,Animal Planet!!And some dog magazines!So you better watch out!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Iam back in sunny ca!

Had a wonderful very successful trip to was a packed trip!had alot to do ,got to meet with alot of people.Iam very excited!good things are coming, I can feel it!Havent posted pix..but i got to see the secret Yeahx3 show at undercover office, hung out with jun.bumped into fujiwara hiroshi.gave me some words that i take with me.went down and hung out with oka from medicom toys!and my pals at onegram!we love silas and pam!!my best best buddy for a long time Justin davis got to hang out alot and actually went window shopping!thant was great!saw skeshin chan(designer for neighborhood) told him we would hang out..never got to..and a few more things i didnt get to do that iam upset with saying hi to everyone at metal burger...HI!! Iam sure i will go back again soon! I miss everyone in japan already!Such great people!i got really inspired..iam ready to put it all out there now!!!

Superman Returns..Friedia Returns!!!

This was sent to me by my myspace friend.Thanks again! She had found it on wire image. this was about a week ago in japan. i saw some pictures in the newspaper and alos in the japanese web sites! It was a good movie. The graphics were cool. I came up with a few cool idea's...(sorry my geaky self..)Just thought I would post it..Iam now back in the game!!!!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Eco Driving!

I was walking around Daikanyama the other day and saw they were showing this new bike thats coming out and that you can ride around town with it for 30 min! It looked like fun, needed a rest from all the i took the offer! I had so much fun! This bike was great! It was light weight, very quiet, doesnt use gas you just need to charge it up....And sont forget its soo small! you can take it around in your car! I entered to win one of them! Im gonna be crossing my fingers because that would be great to have when I come back to Japan to ride!!!
check out their blog!