Wednesday, June 27, 2007

SLY is up again!!

New pictures are up on
please go take a look at it!
I just got into Tokyo last night!Its sooo HOT here! I thought LA was hot!!was I wrong!Iam only here for a day and a half ,so Iam going to enjoy it as much as possible!
Going to the HARRY POTTER premier tonight!Hope you guys like my dress!!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Like T REX!hehe

We all went to support and enjoy our friend Rolan Bolan.He was soo great! I give him a big pat on the back!Amazing artist!
And afterwards we all went to the LACMA event.That happened all night.It was alot of fun! I really enjoy'd the neon light art.
Really neat stuff.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


I met the greatest people there.So I had to post the pictures!hehe
They are the ones that will make me a HUGE STAR!!!!Its all to you guys!

AZ bitches!!

I went to Arizona for the weekends.It was my first time there.Yes it was so very HOT! But the sunsets and skies made you forget about it.It was such a beautiful place! I hope to go back soon!
OH!! And my NAILs!
I dont know if you can see it or not.But recently one of my biggest hot spots has been the nail salon.There is only one I go to in LA.And that is Marie's Nails.Masomi rocks! Now all I do on my nails is calgel.Which is like this organic fel you out on your nails and it doesnt chip and stays on for 2-3 weeks without damaging them! Its so cool! I get compliments on them all the time.So I just wanted to give a shout out...hehe
Go check it out if you can!
8616 W 3rd St LA.CA 90048

Sunday, June 10, 2007


Forgot to pos these! Went to Disneyland a while back and took some silly photos..thought I would share!!
The happiest place on earth.One of my favorite places to go!!!

Caroline and the Mice's at Echo

It was such an amazing show!Went out to Echo the other night to support my best friend Caroline and JJ.They were on tour with the Mice Parade and that day was the last show with Caroline.But she is still with them singeing for Mice。
Before the show she had to eat so we sent to the shrimp place across the street..and next to the register had those $.50 machines with silver ghetto pimp chains.So we got a few and took pictures with it.We both got the bulldogs!haha anyways...
It was a very late start but it was totally worth it. She was great, JJ was great...everything was really good.I had alot of fun.
Always nice to se her on stage! They are still touring so if you can catch them!!! It will be a fun night!
Cant wait till she gets back though....I miss my friend!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Letters from LA

Last night I met the guys from the movie Letters from Iwojima. And also a comedian from Japan.
The actors are Akira Kaneda and Eijiro Ozaki. And the comedian is Nakayama Kinni. We all sat down and had a good talk baout things.alot of fun! Its good to meet people who live in LA from Japan. We are all working towards this goal and we will get it done no matter what! We will take over the WORLD!!!muahahahaahha...ha
Made new friends! Thats all that really matters!