Monday, November 20, 2006

Happy 7th Birthday MEL!!!!

It was a beautiful day here in California. Really hot, I think it was around 88 degree's on Nov.18th 2006. I had gone for a walk the night before to three dog bakery and gotten MEL 2 mini cupcakes and a biscuit with his name on it using carob chocolate.
On his 7th birhtday, he woke me up with excitement and reminded me it was a special day. I got out of bed ,fed him...waited till he finished and finally gave him his treat. You can see him waiting for it in the pix. After I said "HERE" he gobbled it all up and ran away as fast as he could leaving a trail of dog frosting. I caught him in his bedroom with his mouth full!!! After wards he was so happy and full he fell asleep for the rest of the day.......He is the greated dog ever! Love you MEL!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Early Thanksgiving anyone?

I was invited to go to an early thanksgiving dinner this past weekend and it twas Lovely! They had mashed potatoes, the turkey..and a whole lotta Apple Pie!!! That right there is an apple pie! it was the biggest pie I have ever seen! Im pretty sure there are a million apples living in that thing.It was tasty though,gotta admit!With the caramel and whip cream on top....mmmmmm

Lined up all day!!!

So from 8am in the morning I did what I had never done before! I lined up for a store opening.But really it was the day Victor and Rolf collaboration with H&M came out! One of my favorite designers did a wedding concept colabo with H&M and it was also the opening day at the Beverly Center.I got there and I saw about 10 people outside the store still sleeping.In my head I thought "Wow, this is gonna be easy" THEN! A police officer approaches me and tells me to go down to the 5ht floor.The parking lot.That is where they are handing out tickets...I got there and there were lines on people!!Everywhere!!I was number 250....My friend met up with me and we waited till 12 to get in...We finally did and did some really good shopping!I got a tux jacket and the trench coat! I LURV IT!It was fun...until I had to stand in another line.....My friend calls me and told me Kid Robot is opening on Melrose, we should go check it out.Another Line was waiting for us.Not as long...but it was outside and chilly...So to waste time we took pictures.Here is me and Leo!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


The beautiful Olivia was in town for PMX.And I went to see her perform but didnt get to see her till tonight.Finally! I thought I was going to miss her. Still didnt get to hang out much but at least I got to see her and chit chat. She is doing better than ever and everyone ahould watch out for her new album! Its gonna be good!She has been working so hard on it! She is like my sister! Iam very proud of her! CRITTERS!!!!tootluu
Cant wait to hang out agian! We always have so much fun together!

Happy Halloweeenie!!

Flava Flav, Prince, Shower curtain?? Yep! Everyone was there! Oh it was so much fun!I love how everyone gets so creative and actually dress' up.(Except for the cool people..) Hollywood was packed with people!Ive never seen so many at that late of a nite! And I have heard alot about the Gay Parade on Santa Monice. I was curious but I never made it...Maybe I will get to see it next year!Oh and for everyone who is trying to figure out who I was....
I have been watching the Give peace a chance DVD.And I cannot wait till the John Lennon vs the World comes out!
So I went as Yoko Ono and my friend went with me as John Lennon!It was great!
Couldnt stop laughing all night! Hope everyone had a Super Halloween! Its the best Holiday!One of my Favs!!

ANDi first shippment~!

Ah Yeah!Our first small shipment is out and in stores now!My friend and I did a really smal Tee shirt line and we had to pack them and do the productions all ourselves!(Thanks to my partner we got everything done on time!)And here we are packing them!Fred Segal Fun, Madison, Rex and etc....Im crossing my fingers that it will keep going! I learned alot form this expierience! There is so much that goes on!And I LOVE iT!