Thursday, May 25, 2006

Oh My Madonna!

Today was the best day ever! I woke up at 8am by a phone call from my very good friend asking me if I was ready!? I thought he was going a little crazy because it made no sense....until he started to shout that he got tickets to go see MADONNA tonight!!!Aghhh~!I couldnt believe it myself. Yes, since it was last minute the tickets were a fortune.but when will I really get to see Madonna again?What if she never does a show again?..Anyways... the show was totally worth it! That lady is an entertainer! She lives it! It was amazing. She looked spectacular! her peformance was mind blowing!it was such a great show!I just got back from it and Iam still listening to her CD! Madonna forever!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

North Carolina is a beautiful place

I just got back from North Carolina yesterday. My mom and my little sister and brother live there. I hadn't seed them in a while so I thought it would be nice to go. Plus it was my little brothers last soccer tournament. Which, by the way , he was so good it blew me away. I got so into the game!! I hope he goes pro! I love soccer! We all hung out at this beach house for 3 days. It was so nice...(flash backs) So i got to spend alot of time with mom and she showed me all these pictures and video's of me when i was little! It brought back all the memories growing up....I begged her if I could keep this one. I love the outfit Iam wearing, white dress with red shoes....I still wear stuff like that!! And i love that i look so happy! Iam a very happy person.I like it when poeple know that about me. I think that I got that from mom. She is great! And I love you too DAD!!
(this is me at age 1)

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

a little obsession with knifes...??anyone??

sounds and looks kinda funny when you write it huh? but for some reason I dont like it when knifes and guns are used as weapons..I actually hate the thought of it ..but i do appreciate it when it is introduced by a form of art. Is that weird?
My friend Jeff B. and I took more pictures the other day.This time not too serious adding a little humor to it. we did take a few pix with this butchers knife he had laying around in his house! We had alot of fun. I cant wait to show you guys some stuff...
I asked him to take this pix of just the knife so I can enlarge it and frame it for my room!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Sticky Icky

here is the other one i did in color...hehehe

Sunday, May 14, 2006


Felt like I needed to draw. So I did this and 2 others today. Havent drawn in a while. It felt really good doing it. I hope more comes to me so I can place it on paper. Here is one and the other one Iam coloring in right now...I have to wait till it dries.

Happy Mothers Day!!

Hope everyone is doing something nice to their mothers today! I had a long nice talk with mom.
I think she is the best mother in the world! I look up to her in many ways. Just wanted to tell her...
HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!! Love you!xoxox

L.A is for singles?...

Just like Virginia is for Lovers, L.A is full of single people and it just amazes me how much of a player everyone is. Is it like this in every other country as well? I dont remember it being like that in Japan. But then again, my friends who are married, their husbands go out alot....Are they players as well? Aren't relationships weird? In my head I have just been doing alot of people watching and thinking and listening to all the stories my friends tell me about their past and present relationships.....What is it about being single in L.A? They are always trying to look for something better.Will they ever be satisfied with what they have? And How will they know?How long do you have to be single?

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Last weekend my friends and I had a yard sale! It was actually my first time in the U.S! I had to say that it was more work than I thought! I didnt know so many people would try to bargain with me! I guess I just wasnt ready for it! i did have a fun time. Met alot of neat people! These 3 ladies actually live down the street from us and they were so cute we had to take a picture! They had all bought these sparkling shrugs that my friend had designed. It was glitter all over! They were so happy with what they got too! we did have an incident where a lady came by and tried to take my friends money , pushed my friend and threatened
to come by with her 2 sons!!!We all got a bit scared, and we called the police and filed her in! It was a crazy morning! What an expierience! Sounds crazy and funny now..but when it happened we where freaked out about it...You never know when the yard sale lady will attack!For all you yard sellers this weekend!!Watch out!!!

Monday, May 08, 2006

I love pictures!

I was just going thru some old pictures and very old pictures and of course recent pictures...I want to add more frames on my walls and around my room. So I found this picture of my brother, beany and me. I just love it! we had a great night! My brother just had to go out to a Hollywood club so we went and it was the night that Mickey Avalon was having a show. I have met him a few times so I introduced them and they totally knew each other! My brother had gone to his show in Japan andMickey had remembered him. It was really funny! Yeah. an interesting night. I miss my brother....

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Wim Wenders

Why weren't you in my life earlier? I just finished watching Notebook on Cities and Clothes. It is like a documentary of one of my favorite designers Mr. Yohji Yamamoto. And it got me looking at fashion at a different level. Just the way Yohji looked at things and explained his thoughts..also the way Wim Wenders had his vision and spoke his mind as well. Just makes you think some more.And love them more. Why did I not know about Mr. Wenders?

I Love Audrey Hepburn!

"Breakfast At Tiffany's" was a gift from my friend BEANY. I was so busy that I never had the time to watch it. And finally this weekend I made time! Woke up early and watched it in bed. I just loved it!Audrey Hepburn is soo cute in every way! I loved the dress's she was wearing, her cute little comments and her bangs! So.... I decided to make my own. I did..its okay. Nothing nearly as cute as hers! That movie did inspire me very much! She is my icon! If any of you nave not seen it.whach doin??.....To all the girls!!Its a must!Also last night I watched "Tupac:Resurrection" Im going out to get me a Tupac CD. Thats how good it was, at the same time it was very sad..he was so young. Im also interested in Wim Wenders. I loved his book "ONCE" so Im going to check out his movie later tonight.."Paris , Texas" I LOVE movie's!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Just when you thought...

The weather was getting better, today it's RAINING! The weather in LA has been really weird. And it is still kinda cold. Sometimes we will get the bright sun and lay out by the pool. Other days llike this we turn the heater on and not leave our beds!
Japan is still kinda cold right now and I was living in that weather for the past 11 years , but LA being this cold!!Come on!
(im getting to be pretty spoiled here..) I just love it when its sunny out. One of my favorite things that I do and kind of started is horse back riding. There is one in or near Griffith park. You just go sign up, choose what speed horse you want and go for an hour! This picture on top was taken by my brother. (He loved it!) And the little boy in the front, he had just turned 8 and it was his first time riding. He was sooo good! He would teach me how to handle my horse that day. He was so cute!