Thursday, June 29, 2006

Enjoying Summer?

Hello everyone, How are you all?Sorry I havent been able to post in a while. Been really busy with various things and camera.I have been enjoying my 2nd summer in LA!Summer times are the best! Especially the night times! It feels soo good out!I remeber when I was in Japan I would walk up and down Omotesando with my friends at night and just talk about silly things till we got tired. Iam going to be going back to Japan soon. So i will get to do that all over again!I cant wait!hopefully I will have my camera by then to show you guys some pix! July 4th is coming up!I already here the kids around our neighborhood lighting theirs.even though it is illegal... Iam still new to where to go for fireworks here in LA. All I know is the Rose Bowl! Its nice. Im hoping my friends will take me somewhere new this year. Cant wait! Hope everyone will enjoy their 4th of July with their family ,loved ones and bestest of friends!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


guess what happened?? I cant believe camera broke again.Iam so sad.....I had a week load of pix to show you guys and right when I thought I would post camera breaks. So I sent it in to get it fixed again...But now Iam actually thinking of getting a brand new one! Has anyone seen the Ricoh GR???? Oh my gosh it is amazing!! Its like a real camera and its got style!
Its the price that makes me think twice about it...Its $800 in Japan and on ebay its $600 and up.....But Iam really feeling it. If it keeps on talking to me in my dreams then I know he is the right one for me!xxx

Monday, June 12, 2006


I was having a pretty bad weekend.Im sure it was because of the full moon! you know how people get all crazy around that time...well they all did!except for me!hehehe ..I went out and got my hair did again!Went to my favorite hair dresser in LA.Masaki! He is still here..but will be leaving soon..its so sad...Im gonna miss him..Hopefully I will see him alot in Japan too!
So I got my hair cut a little bit.made it rounder and heavier on the front only! I like it alot!Im really happy with it! what do ya think??


YEP! I found my buddy! Here she is!I call her Honey! It has just been weird weather in LA. but last week was pretty hot and I couldnt take it any longer so I had to go out and find her...Im glad I did!My room mate wanted one so we went to go get it the next day and it was sold out! It went up to 100degrees around here!!! She saved my life! we will be friends forever!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

warm color for the sunset

Ive been really enjoying the beach recently. The water is geting warmer and the days are getting hotter,perfect beach time.
I also enjoy running on the beach...such a nice feeling! This is the sunset and the colors were so beautiful and warm and always changing.I just had to post it...take a few minutes and relax......

Movies at the cemetary

I heard that Saturday nights they play old movies at the Hollywood Forever Cemetary. So I went with my friend and it was the best time ever! Bringing a blanket and some snacks and watching an old movie under the stars on a warm night...what beats that? We watched an old Matt Dillan movie. He was really cute back then! and his character was great!
It's unusual to be watching a movie in a cemetary...I enjoyed it! Its going every Sat for the Hot Summer Nights!!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Going away party...

My best friend Beany is moving away this weekend..But I am happy for her. She is an amazing desgner and the work that she will be doing is going to be great! She will make the line better than ever! And she is happy with her decision, so Iam happy for her!As long a s my friends are happy then Iam happy.we had a going away party for her last night. So much fun!.....
I still cant believe my beany is moving...

CUPCAKE land!!!

yeah!! My camera is back and ready to go! It was a hot LA night and nothing to do , so i decided to make cupckaes for everyone!
It was so much fun! I bake cupcakes to cheer me up!And it makes everyone around me happy as well! During the weekends we had a min BBQ and the cupcakes were sold out! i did good! and I got my cream white casio camera back!! Iam so excited! Now you can see what I see!