Monday, August 20, 2007

Blue Candy Skies

After a long night of playing wii.We decided to go over to the beach.One of my reasons why I love CA so much...we are so close to the ocean.Us pisces need that water.The sky was so pretty.Like a big bowl of melted blue candy.
It went well with my new glitter nails.Summer is great isnt it?


Went to my first Dodgers game.Thanks to my Baseball management!It was sooo m uch fun! I never really enjoy'd watching baseball, but when your actually there and you and the crowd feel like one!! Its amazing! So much fun! I had the dodger dog and the famous garlic fries.It was yuumy at the time I was eating eat..lets put it that way!Unfortunatly they lost.They play'd till 12:30am! But they did a good job! I give them a big pat on the back! Good Job you guys!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

u've seen it in the magazines!

SKawaii was out a while ago in Japan.( I think!) So I wanted to post a few of the behind the scenes!ha
Some polaroids we took. One day I will have long hair like that.Maybe not that long..but it would be nice.Ive always had shorter hair.This is prob the longest I have ever had it! And Iam gonna let it keep going!

You tube it!

My friend and I went out one day to try to shoot some stuff.And we ended up shooting this little clip.We both were not ready, we didnt have any idea's or it was really quick.But it turned out to be really cute and fun.
So here it is...Iam on the the youtube train.Hopefully I will post more up .So keep posted!xxx