Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My trip to China!

Sorry it took me a while to put these up here! So this was my 2nd day there. The first was a lot of work and discussing what we needed to do for the next line. The factory I use is in China, but they mainly do stuff for japanese stores and or clothing lines. So they speak japanese and do very good work! They are all such hard workers! It makes me look bad!!
So back to the story. the 2nd day we went out to Shanghai to look for some soft flowy fabrics. So we headed down to this big mall type of place that had little booth like stores inside. It was all filled with beautiful fabrics! And I found a few that I will be using for my Spring 09 line and maybe carry it over to summer 09 too! And after this we had a little bit of time so we walked around a bit. They took me to "Shanghai Times Square" And there was a big Ferragamo shoe. I big photo op!
Oh, our driver had on the brightest shirt in Shanghai! I loved it!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's finally here!! ONLINE SHOPPING!

SO here it is you guys! I finally put up an online store! There are still only a few pieces. But Iam willing to ship it out internationally! I want all those Monn'Amur supporters to wear it too!
Please go onto my website and check out " SHOP" and have fun shopping~!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Right now..

At the moment, Iam taking a break from getting ready to leave the country once again.
I leave tomorrow for China! Been working really hard for my clothing line Monn'Amur. Iam going to work on my Spring '09 collection! That far out! And I am very very excited about it. I think the line just keeps getting better and better. I cannot wait till I get to share it all with you guys. It is out in some stores in CA and one in Japan. Its taking time to get it out there more, but Iam getting very good response and its very encouraging. So, slowly but gradually it will be in your towns boutiques! I will get it out to you. Iam also in the works for doing an online store, and YES, I will ship internationally. I want you fashionistas to rock it for me! Stores in California are EM&CO on 3rd St. FRED SEGAL FUN in Santa Monica will have it by the end of next month and so will QIO. In Japan we are now selling to BEAMS. (they have been super supportive..thank you, you guys!) and through the magazine LOOK'S. So keep your eyes peeled. We will be in a store near you!

I will possess your heart

Death Cab for Cutie
This will be me soon...the traveling girl
this video is so great..makes me smile

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Opening of Opening Ceremony Mini Mall

I got to celebrate the opening of the 2nd floor in the LA Opening Ceremony. It is my favorite store in LA. They have amazing lines, incredible choices of great brands. I got to meet the owner.He is such a nice guy. I am happy for their new addition.There were a few designers I look up to there. But my only celebrity sighting for the night was Jason Schwartzman. Enjoy!

This is how its all done...

I did my very first shipment for Monn'Amur..(thats why I have not been on..been so busy with all of this!) And I just wanted to show you a little of how its REALLY done. Some people think that clothes just come from this magic box...I wish! But really, its a lot of hard working people behind all of the making. I have been doing as much as I can. Iam a "hands on" kinda gal. So For this piece I was up at 6:30 in the morning in beautiful Downtown LA! And just made sure everything comes out perfect.
Another thing that people think the clothing business is this glamorous life style....well, to tell you the truth...thats all a front. I get dirty at work a lot!! And I love it!

Me and my Yellow coat...

Loving the bright colors coming up for Spring and Summer.....

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Monn'Amur on Ebay

So I havent gotten an online store up yet, and Im going to try this e-bay thing to see what kind of response I get. From that I will have to decide what I really need to do. Check it out! Go on Ebay and Search for "Monn'Amur" it should pop up!!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008,he,them.This is on my top list of favorite jewelry right now. Its is sooo cute and such great work. Very creative idea's. I saw them at LA fashion week, then found out they were from Japan. So I had to go and say hi. I placed an order right away..I cant wait to get them! I wish I was in Japan to see their store. Now I know where my first stop will be when I go back though!
"Mehem is for me, he loves ma and is desired by them"