Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Heading out to see a Dog Fashion Show!

A black tie event was one of the fun things that happened the first night in NY. Everyone was wearing their best clothes and shoes for their love of their pets.Auctions were going on for raisng money for pounds and dog shelters.All for a very great cause! And the fashion show was really interesting! The new next thing with pets is for the owner and their pups to be wearing the same things! There was also a contest going on with new young student designers.And the boy who won (his clothes were the cutest and most out there!) said his inspiration was underground Harajuku kids!!Go Japan!!!
I didnt get to take any pix at the show, and here is one before I left in my hotel room!Notice the REDest bed I have ever seen in the back!!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wow, that hotel room is so cool looking! What a great doggy cause too :)

Em x

MK said...

you look pretty

Anonymous said...

what a pretty photo

Anonymous said...

you look really pretty. and that's great that the doggy show was for good causes because i love dogs. :)

<3 caroline