Friday, February 09, 2007

Be greatful!!

My friends asked me if I knew "Krispy Kream" and of course,living in the U.S. you see it everywhere! Well, they told me that a store just opened in Shinjuku and if I had the time to go get them some.So I went down there, craving the doughnuts because I havent had any for forever.I arrived and saw this huge gathering of people in front.Maybe something happen'd...hmmm.I go ask the police officer in front of the door and he tells me it is a line to go in.A wait of at least an hour!Could be more,.....!!!Its like waiting in a line at Disneyland!!And plus the doughnuts are 200yen.Twice the amount here!First thing I did when I got back to LA.Is went thru the drive thru Krispy Kream and treated myself to one!


OmiOni said...

An hour wait ?? 200yen ?? I can't belive !!
and I love your bang !! cho kawaii !!

shayang said...

I saw the line too.
I wondered what was happening there
and when I found out that it was for KK,
I thought that they were giving free doughnuts or something.

Sheralyn said...

wow, all that for some doughnuts!

Fiona said...

I looooove Krispy Kreme too!!