Friday, May 25, 2007

Our dinner spot!

My friends and I go here when ever Iam in town! Its soooo good! The chicken cream pizza and the soup pasta is what we always get.YUM YUM!! It was my friends bday party! Glad I got to spend it with her on her birthday! So much fun!


Keiko said...

I was kinda worried cuz you hadn't updated the blog, but now I am happy to hear from ya!
It became really hard to see you on TV in Japan, but I'm still your big fan and I love you:)


Ally said...

Hi there, I'm glad you're doing well and enjoying your life. As Keiko mentioned, we cannot see you on telly recently... but we have this page :)
Hope you'll update your photos soon cuz wanna see your lovely happy face!!!! xxx

Anonymous said...

hey girl, what's up with you? your official website is darn broken dude, fix it up.... i know you are not a fool. capisci? parla italiano mamma mia.

tyofutkid said...

hey again. yo japan media sucks. they banned you didnt they. i can't see anything about you on youtube. sue them. go to europe or africa and you'll be appreciated much more than in usa and jap. i'm so angry. no time to eat pizza just do it.