Sunday, June 10, 2007

Caroline and the Mice's at Echo

It was such an amazing show!Went out to Echo the other night to support my best friend Caroline and JJ.They were on tour with the Mice Parade and that day was the last show with Caroline.But she is still with them singeing for Mice。
Before the show she had to eat so we sent to the shrimp place across the street..and next to the register had those $.50 machines with silver ghetto pimp chains.So we got a few and took pictures with it.We both got the bulldogs!haha anyways...
It was a very late start but it was totally worth it. She was great, JJ was great...everything was really good.I had alot of fun.
Always nice to se her on stage! They are still touring so if you can catch them!!! It will be a fun night!
Cant wait till she gets back though....I miss my friend!

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