Monday, August 20, 2007


Went to my first Dodgers game.Thanks to my Baseball management!It was sooo m uch fun! I never really enjoy'd watching baseball, but when your actually there and you and the crowd feel like one!! Its amazing! So much fun! I had the dodger dog and the famous garlic fries.It was yuumy at the time I was eating eat..lets put it that way!Unfortunatly they lost.They play'd till 12:30am! But they did a good job! I give them a big pat on the back! Good Job you guys!


Setchu-an said...

12:30 am! It was very long game!! (^^;)
It could be good that Enjoying long time with same charge....(^o^)

Tacomato said...

Watching baseball underneath the stars amidst some of the best views of LA always makes for a pleasurable experience. Sorry for not warning you more about the after effects of Dodger dogs. =p Glad you had a good time. You must hook me up with the plethora of cuties you know . I'm feeling left out. =p

Adopted Big Bro...