Monday, January 28, 2008

Sorry I've been gone!

Hey everyone! Im so sorry I have been long gone!! It was a crazy end of the year and since the new year so much has happened!
New year! New everything!! Working on a TV show. Finishing my new collection. Just trying to settle into my new place.Talking to people with new projects to work on with...the list goes on. Trust me! I was thinking about the blogging for so long! I haven't even taken any new pictures! OHHH Im such a bad blogger! But Iam thinking of making this page as more of a personal blogging and maybe starting an only fashion blog on What do you think??? So much I want to do this year! Im also thing of dabbling in a little of vlogging! (video blogging)..Hope that was a real word! So I have a lot coming up this year, and i hope I will be a good blogger and be able to share it all with everyone!Don't give up on me yet!!


Anonymous said...

TV showっていうのはアメリカ?日本??
ぜひ見たいです!!!!!! 日本で見れないのなら



Anonymous said...

vlogs would be so so so fun! you should definitely to that, tons of people do now.

- <3katie.

Ami said...

初めての投稿ですが、I've always checking your blog because it is very fun to read. Also, あなたはとてもかわいいのでいつも写真を見て憧れてます。I wish I could be like you someday! (Am I sound like ストーカー?笑 Don't worry, I'm not.)
If it's ok to you, could you please put your speching movie on [you tubu] someday? Cause I haven't seen you talking in English on a TV show or PC screen before. I'm half and half like you(American and Japanese though), but I'm not very good at English.
So it's good for me to read your blog not only because having fun but also nice way to study English. 今年もあなたにとってよいお年になりますように・・・★

Anonymous said...

yes! vlogs! katie and i have been saying for ages how we wished you would do those from time to time :-)

shell xo

Anonymous said...

I think vblog would be a greatest way to share your personality. You should give it a try! cant waittttt!!!