Friday, January 29, 2010

MNAMR and FACo!?

Dont worry, I'm not talking dirty to you...hehehe
I found out a few days ago that .... drum roll please.....
Monn'Amur is going to be a part of the Fukuoka Asia Collection!!!
In MArch!!!! YAy~~~!!!! やった〜
These cute little models will be strutting their stuff with my clothes on! woot woot!
So very excited to be doing a fashion show on such a big scale like this! I cannot wait!
And ,thats also why I havent been posting ..cus I still havent finished my small Summer line!! eeeek!
working on everything at once:( But I'm having a blast ,not to worry!


Will let you in on a little secret......I might be in the event some how...still working things out.
Either way I' m happy to be a part of this event. I see good things happening.
will let you know more when I find out:)

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