Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Mars Top Audition!

This was all so last minute and it turned out wonderful!
I was asked to use Monn'Amur for the catwalk part of the audition and then I was asked to do a talk show in the audition. THEN! I was asked to do a back stage report of the whole audition.
This was all taken place at Gonpachi in Bev Hills area. We started at 11am. I was already in hair and make up and started to shoot as soon as the models got there! The actual event didnt start until 7pm. And it officially finished at midnight!
皆おつかれ様でした!!!It was a long day and so emotional!
I met the girls a couple weeks before the show and got to know them. They were all sooo cute , such great girls and to see some of them not win was hard for me. And at the same time to see Akane Nakajima win was so wonderful I cried!
These girls worked so hard! They had to do a talent show, cat walk and interview in front of a whole group of strangers!
( i had to keep reminding them that they are all sacks of potatoes! hehe)
It brought back a lot of memories when I first started. I was going to as many auditions I could. Of course I didnt win all of them and when I lost it was hard. BUT! I think it made me a stronger person and accept the fact that it was not me who they were looking for and that there are others who are looking for a girl like me!
Its not the end of the world!!!
I wish all the girls the greatest luck!Im so excited for all of you!

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