Monday, March 15, 2010

Blogging it up!

Recently I have been loving the fashion blogs that have been popping up everywhere ( in my world its still very recent! )
I remember living in Japan and always searching for the coolest clothes and the most stylish girls at the fashion weeks.
They call them Street Snaps in Japan. I would cut them out and make collages out of them.
(some times I still do)

But now I can find them right online, and its everywhere!
My favs right now are Jak & Jil
Love his shots...wonder what camera he uses, cus i need a new one!

And everyone knows The Satoralist
I get a lot of inspiration from those pix <3

Then I stumbled upon this site, Stardust and Sequins
I like this site because it has so many fashion photoshoots, current and old and you can admire the art and work and thought that was put into it to make a small story.

I would love to hear or see the sites everyone else follows and maybe it will be my next favorite:)
let me know!

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