Wednesday, April 21, 2010

LIFE- I cant get enough of it!

I have been watching this show on the Discovery Channel.
The last episode was on a couple days sad. I cannot wait till the DVD comes out!! Hope they do it again.

We were watching the Final Episode which was all about the making of the show and asked each other, if you were one of the camera men, which animal would you shoot??

Who would you be??

I said " If I really had the GUTS, the BALLS to do it, it would probably be the Humpback Whale"
Can you imagine! In the water with those huge amazing creatures?!!! eeeee makes my belly flip just thinking of it!

check out the website, if you have or havent seen the show------> check out the site!

All the episodes were shot beautifully. Great great show. Amazing how all the creatures, animals, living things here on earth have their own ways and a meaning to everything.

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