Sunday, September 12, 2010

NYC Fashion week

I always say this every year (twice) when ever fashion week comes....One day I want to see it with my own two eyes!
My biggest dream is the fashion week in Paris!
one day kids, one day soon....

So when I saw "The day Before" on Sundance Channel about Alexander Wang, it was a very short show (too short, i want to see more!) I got all inspired. Wang is only 26! And its always been in the family business!
He is such a talent. He look is very minimal but you can always tell its his.
Liked when he styles the models and said there has to be something "Off"
And I also liked when he was trying so hard to tell Anna Wintour that he HAS COLOR in the collection.
(rumor is Anna is a big fan of color)Cute honest moment from Wang.

So here is the S/S 2011 show!

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