Sunday, December 05, 2010

Obsessed with Celine

For those of you who know this bag,you might be going thru the same obsession I am.
For many days and nights I have been online researching, searching and just admiring the bag.

For those of you who do not know: It is the return of the Pheobe Philo (Celine Designer, former designer of Chloe) "IT" bag!
The Celine "Luggage" Tote (or the "Boston Bag")

Now, I usually do not fall for the IT bags because they usually come and before you know it are out. But when I saw this bag I fell in LOVE! So simple, convenient , goes with anything and everything. A bag you will have for and use for many many years.

Celine is coming out with more colors (brighter ones, and fuzzy ones) for Spring 2011 but I heard the shapes might change a little. ( no curves, the handles will be longer, and colors will always be if you cannot find it may never see it , ever!)

The bags are so popular the stores (mostly Barneys) cannot keep them on their shelves.
TRUST ME! I have called multiple stores, checked many blogs in search for the most wanted color "Orange" (like the Hermes color ) I had no luck. Then the lady told me she had a kelly green... Looked lovely but didnt think I would love it as much.

From all the days drooling over this bag I finally decided to make the big leap and reward myself a nice bag.
The truth was that I had so much trouble choosing which color ( because I want them all) And choosing the size....
But at the end I decided to get the MINI LUGGAGE Beige/Brown Color.

I get it on Tuesday<3

There is a problem....
another Celine bag that is timeless and needed in any wardrobe..... The CLASSIC BOX BAG......

Celine!!! What are you doing to me?!

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