Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Yard Sale so much fun:)

Packed my car up early Sunday morning and headed down to Culver City. I myself go to flea markets when ever I can. But I cannot remember when was the last time I had an actual yard sale!

I forgot how much work and also how much fun it is!

I sold more than I thought:) And got to meet some very cool people!

I even got to meet a green bird!

The owner of the beautiful home made us all some Curry and these super adorable polka dot,stripes mini roll cakes! Soooo Yummy! Aren't these so cute?!

Thank you all for coming out. It was a Super Bowl Sunday...I understand how hard it is to come out...(all my friends were at a party of some sort)
So thank you!!!
And thank you to the wonderful lady who let us use her beautiful yard and organized the whole event! YOU are wonderful!

Hope to do another yard sale soon!!!

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