Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Calling all Fashionista's that wanna HELP!

For the past month now I have been working with a new company. They do mainly distribution to Japan. So everyone in the office is bilingual and there is a lot of Japanglish going on:)
One of our interns is half Japanese who goes to FIDM and she has family who was right there in the middle of the earthquake and didn't hear back from her relatives until 10days after the quake. They are safe and sound now, but still no food or bottled water.
(TO THIS DAY!!!the quake was on March 11th..almost a month ago)
Well, our lovely Intern has hooked us up with FIDM and we have made a tee shirt to sell at their Japan Relief that will be happening from the 11th of April until the 15th.All proceeds will be going to Red Cross. And the tee's will be on sale all week.
I will be there on Monday! and hoping to see all you fashionista's there !!

Its only $10 a tee shirt! Come support!!

See you at FIDM
919 South Grand Avenue, Los Angeles


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