Wednesday, June 01, 2011

VIRGO in DTLA is virgolicous!

Today my friend and I stopped by one of my new favorite stores, Virgo!
Its a hole in the wall here in Downtown LA, but to my surprise many fashionista's know about this place!
They have all the little things you need to complete your outfit. And they also by used and re-make it to make it look cool and HIP again! The staff are super cute, amazing and super nice!
So nice that she let me put up the "PRAY FOR JAPAN" tee I designed for Red Cross Donations!
And she had it hanging up !!
Please go by and take a peek at this amazing store. And pick up a tee shirt that will help people in Japan , that they are actually still feeling the after shocks ( I know! I was just there!!!)

216 E 9Th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015
Neighborhood: Downtown
(213) 988-8899

Here is their BLOG!

They just came back from a trip to Morocco, so there are plenty of cutie accessories in the store to check out!

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