Sunday, March 19, 2006

I heart NEW YORK

Iam at JFK waiting to board my flight back to LA. It has been delayed so I decided to go online and start a blog. Something Ive always wanted to do.What better time than now!
I was in the big apple for an important meeting.So I just came for the weekend.The meeting went well.I will report it more as soon as i know myself!

NY was alot of fun.I love it here.It actually snowed for about 5 minutes too!!
I got excited because I love snow and hadnt seen it for a while.Living in LA, you dont see alot of that white stuff.
I got to spend some time with my buddies. We went to the Sullivan Room. It was really intresting. The special DJ was John Young.He is really famous in that scene, which is Happy Trans Music Scene! I had a blast doing some people watching!
Okay.. i gotta go much to little time.


Anonymous said...

you're amazing. and completely stunning. I love you =)

Anonymous said...

Heyy you made that entry on my birthday!
I want to go to NY =[

Anonymous said...

<3 your beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I would love to go to NY but it's kinda hard when you live in London haha


Anonymous said...

i love new york city too! i live in the state of ny so i am lucky enough to visit there sometimes. can't wait to read more of your blogs! =] xoxo


Anonymous said...

more photos!

Devan said...

People watching is so fun.
Can't wait to hear more from you! :)

Anonymous said...

when this web is finished?

Friedia said...

thank first comments ever!!