Monday, June 12, 2006


I was having a pretty bad weekend.Im sure it was because of the full moon! you know how people get all crazy around that time...well they all did!except for me!hehehe ..I went out and got my hair did again!Went to my favorite hair dresser in LA.Masaki! He is still here..but will be leaving soon..its so sad...Im gonna miss him..Hopefully I will see him alot in Japan too!
So I got my hair cut a little bit.made it rounder and heavier on the front only! I like it alot!Im really happy with it! what do ya think??


magda said...

wow you look so pretty !!!!

Anonymous said...

You are gorgeous.
I'm jealous =(

Anonymous said...

You look stunning, wow.

Em x

Anonymous said...

aww so cute.

Anonymous said...

It's really sweet, it brings out the shape and colour of your eyes <3
I still need a new haircut =/


MK said...

I like it alot! it really looks good on you

Anonymous said...

adorable! that cut really suits you well. =]

<3 caroline

Anonymous said...

i loveeee it!
i need a new haircut too.

- Katieee.

Tracy said...

woah. look at those adorable cheeks !

Anonymous said...

masaki!! (^-^)
i think his face is something of ‘samurai‐face’.(o^o^o)
i want my hair cut by him!!
he must be good man!! (o^o^o)
but i am jealous for the distance between friedia and masaki.(T_T)/~


Mark Twain said
‘frieedia's hair is always beautiful’
from duke japan yoyoduke

Anonymous said...

why wont u tell us what happened with you and benji so everyone can stfu and stop asking

Anonymous said...

maybe she won't tell you because it's none of your fucking business.

Melissa said...

I just found out about your blog...its cute ^_^
And you look beautiful, I love the new hair <3

Sab said...

First of all, your new do looks great :)

Then a comment to anonymous asking about what happened with you and Benji; it's none of your business.
If both Friedia or Benji thought everybody should know, they would've spread the word already.
It concerns their private life, they don't owe it to anyone to tell.

Anonymous said...

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