Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Movies at the cemetary

I heard that Saturday nights they play old movies at the Hollywood Forever Cemetary. So I went with my friend and it was the best time ever! Bringing a blanket and some snacks and watching an old movie under the stars on a warm night...what beats that? We watched an old Matt Dillan movie. He was really cute back then! and his character was great!
It's unusual to be watching a movie in a cemetary...I enjoyed it! Its going every Sat for the Hot Summer Nights!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's so weird. Haha. You're like..sitting on graves or what? I want to do it, as long as it's not a horror movie!

Em x

MK said...

that's really cool.

magda said...

oh i really love it one time i went there with one of my good friends and it was so romantic^^ we sit and ate and laughed and watched and laughed ^^ i really want to do that again

Anonymous said...

that's awesome, i want to do that some time!

<3 caroline

Magda said...

i go to watch football outside in a few minutes it is the same like you watch movies
japan- australia
yes i hope it will be a good game and i love it, there are so many cool people
so go japan ^^ go go go :-) (i am such a big japan fan the team is so cute everybody is pissed of my obsession haha :-)