Tuesday, July 25, 2006

hanging out with the designers

Another day in Japan hanging out with very cool designers! I respectthem very much! Justin Davis is one of my very very good friends and I just love him to death! And the other designer that I just Love is Miyashita san from Number (N). I went to his clothing exhibition and order'd some really cool stuff! Cant wait!Agghhhh sooo much fun!!!


MK said...

that must have been fun. I love your hair cut. It is cute

Anonymous said...

I love your nu-Palestinian style scarf, haha. It's really cool.

Sounds awesome.

Em x

Anonymous said...

lucky you to be hanging out with designers! i would love to do that. :D

<3 caroline

magda said...

wow i love your ourfit and your hair ^^
hanging out with your designer friends... i want to do that haha you have to present me LOL

Anonymous said...

simply beautiful

amam said...

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