Friday, July 28, 2006

Tonoike, the next speed skate champion!

I did the mc for the other day for Tonoike san. She will be joining the sport agency that Iam friends with.
I had introduced her and all the japanese newspaper's and the tv shows. She was a very sweet girl full of muscle!
She said that she was going to train really hard to be the next speed skate champion! I cant wait!
we are going to be training in the same gym.Its at the Takanawa Prince Hotel Slow Style Gym in the Sakura Tower.
Its a great gym!Its really nice and clean and its easy for girls to go work out in as well. Its not one of those manly man gyms. he also owns another gym in Tampa Florida. Which I went to a few months ago. And it was beautiful!
here is the web site for the Slow Style Gym.


Anonymous said...

Wow that gym is pretty snazzy. Let's hope Tonoike makes it!!

Em x

magda said...

Thats cool...very cool
She will dooo i believe ^^
good luck :-)

Anonymous said...

haha this is the most self obsessed shit ive ever read. very funny. you are very in love with yourself.