Sunday, October 01, 2006

Day After I landed....

I arrived Japan at 4pm. It was raining and really cold.I found my way to my friends house and she took me out to eat yummy korean BBQ. It was soooo good! That night when we got back to the house I was greeted by a cute little doggie Mie chan and as soon as I saw my futon I passed out! The next morning still raining in Tokyo I woke up at 3am and again forced myself to sleep till 7. She was already awake and making breakfast! Something I have never seen before...Natto Toast!! Natto with Combu on Toast....I know it might not look that great..but it was pretty tasty! and of course dont forget your morning cup of tea!!


Setchu-an said...

I believe that NATTO, the fermented beans are the most terrible Japanese food for foreigners.

But also for Japanese, this toast with Natto isn’t familiar (maybe new collaboration of West & East).

Anonymous said...

That toast stuff looks very interesting. I've never had it, but I have had Natto before and..I didn't love it (at all). Well, at least I tried it. Hehe.

That dog is so cute.

x nice piccies.

Emily x

Anonymous said...

That dog is adorable!
& wow, that's a big piece of toast :/

Shell x

Anonymous said...

how do you eat so much and stay so small???????

Anonymous said...

awww that dog! how cute. those little ribbons in her ears are just adorable!

<3 caroline