Tuesday, October 10, 2006


These are pictures i took at a party in Tokyo last last time I was there. My brother josh came by. And I bumped into my friend Rina which I hadnt seen for soo long! Maybe 5 years! She had gone to London to work! Now she is back and better than ever! I love her! I have just been in the proccess of getting everything ready for fashion week coming up in LA and Iam also moving.So it has been super busy and super hard doing everything at once! I promise you when I get back in the game! I will also be better than ever! I took a few minutes and went strolling on the web to find some new Rin or Friedia fan sites and it made me really happy . I appreciate all the work you guys put into this and it makes me wanna do more! This last trip to Japan was hopefully a good one and I am hoping for good things to happen!


Magda said...

WOW you look greeeeaaaat ! I love you and i love your looks and everything and the way you write !
I go to your page everytime im online and i am always happy to see your pictures and read your messages !!!! You are great ....your friends are hot ! i love you

Setchu-an said...

I feel that New Era of Ms Friedia is opening now!(^o^)

It is rally exiting me to wait for your new activity!
Hope you to be healthy for perform your best!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the shades.

Emily x

Anonymous said...

aww. those are cute. I like the glasses and your brother hehe. I can't wait to see your new projects it's about time!!!!

Anonymous said...

wow i love your glasses! yayy i can't wait to see your work!!!

<3 caroline

Anonymous said...

Hey, is it Rina Matsunuma, a former fashion model in the picture? I used to see her in magazines a lot when I was in high school. Was wondering a few weeks ago what she's doing now.


Anonymous said...

the only reason you have fans is because of who you used to date. the american ones only know who you are from there yet still admire you because you were lucky enough to score somebody to mooch off of, why dont you get real. too bad they dont know the real story huh. they might not like you much then

Anonymous said...

get a life. stop wasting your time hating people. Benji never did anything for Friedia's career she barely mention the dude how does that help her career? get over yourself. Maybe if YOU knew the truth you would know better.

Anonymous said...

Mr Anonymous.
I don't really know how Friedia mooched off of Benji as far as her career goes, as she never mentioned him in any interviews or spoke of her private life, never even walked red carpets with him.

Unlike other people who go do a Teen People cover + indepth interview about their relationship.
But let's not go there.

So yeah, not sure I'm feeling where you're getting at =/

Anonymous said...

What's the real story? Do you even know?