Monday, July 02, 2007

Harry Potter Premier~!

I went back to Tokyo last week for one important meeting and for this special event.The world premier of Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix.It was a very exciting night.First I got to wear one of the cutest dress' I have ever seen.A gold satin MIU MIU bare top mini bubble dress.So perfect! And shoes to die for! I would like to thank Prada Japan for all their help! And especially my stylist Nakayama Hiroki and my best friends for hair and make up, Hasegawa and Kastuji!We were a good team!
ANd the movie was thrilling as always! Thank you warner bros for a fun night!!


Setchu-an said...

Wow! I'd like to see this brilliant beauty directly.
Please inform your visit to
Tokyo in advance(^^;)

Anonymous said...

aw! you're so cute, as always. hehe :)