Friday, July 27, 2007

Chromeo Rocks!

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Cinespace on a Tuesday night.Line going all the way down the block.And us, a group of maybe 10 people all trying to get in by saying all these names of people we know to get in! Thats the LA night life!ha
I had not gone out for a very long time so this all felt kinda new.But we had a blast even though it was like 110 degree's in there and everyone was smoking!We still made it through the night!
I didnt really know much about Chromeo but after tonight I became a fan.It really was alot of fun!
And yes, Paris was behind us.We were there first and she came in right before it started.It was strange to see her and 3 of her girlfriends go into the same bathroom stall....hmmm
anyways, will post some more soon.!Sorry I have been so busy and not been going or doing anything to take pictures of!!
Will try my best!xxx


Jasmin Blasco said...

Go Tony and Jeff! living it up!

yaya said...

Rinchan kawaii!
oshigoto ganbatte!