Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Behind the Scenes!

After we finished the 3 day photo shoot. I took them all LA shopping. We started off with a fabulous lunch on top of Barney's (one of my favortie spots) and no out way there I had a pair of Red Raybans on.And everyone tried it on and loved the way it looked. So as an LA souvenir we went on a search for Red, White and Black Raybans. You be surprised! Alot of the stores I knew had them had sold out! But luckily we found them in Sak's. So after they got their own we all took a picture and called ourselves "The Rayban's" ( sorry for not being too original!) I had so much fun with the staff. We did such great team work! I hope to work with them again someday! Thank you guys for being GREAT!

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Friedia☆

You're perfect!!!
Good luck "MONNAMUR" and Friedia☆